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Unlabeled plastic Bottle for chemical liquid with question mark on gray background
Clean Your Home the Natural Way

A modern home in this age is loaded with toxic and polluting substances that are designed to make the domestic life easier.  Commercial, chemical-based cleaning products do not only cost more financially, but they can also lead to long-term health concerns for the family as well as environmental pollution. Switching to natural cleaning solutions can […]

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ripe avocado cut in half on a wooden table
Why Avocado Should Be Your New Favourite Fruit

Are you fond of eating avocados? If you aren’t, then maybe you will be after reading this article. Avocados can be eaten in different ways and they still have the same benefits. In fact, eating avocados can lead to living a longer life – and a healthier one at that! Avocados are a great source […]

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Three different smoothies with ingredients
Nutritious Foods Cancer Patients Should Know Of

It is important for cancer patients to eat a balanced diet that is packed with nutrients that will help them stay strong and energetic. As simple as that might sound, it is not always an easy task. Cancer medications can cause nausea, and radiation treatment, on the other hand, can make the mouth sore. It […]

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Man refuses alcohol
What Alcohol Really Does to Your Body

Some people do not think much of it but the truth is, even a small amount of alcohol has an effect on our bodies. When we drink alcohol, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and gets distributed throughout the body. If you eat food high in fat, you will absorb alcohol more slowly. If you […]

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Gardening tools and plants on land
Gardening: Why You Should Try It

Some people have the desire to save fuel or energy, but have never considered gardening. Yes, having your own backyard garden helps you save significant amounts of fossil fuel. It also helps reduce the carbon emissions. Other than saving energy, there are other reasons why it’s a good idea to grow a garden.   It […]

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