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Portrait of two senior females running outdoors
Natural Way to Battle Alzheimer’s

Ask everyone you know what their top 3 most dreaded diseases or conditions are, and you are likely to hear Alzheimer’s as one of their answers. In fact, survey shows Alzheimer’s disease is the second most feared disease by aging Canadians. It is also the most common cause of dementia, as it contributes to 64% […]

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Teenager with depression sitting alone in dark room
3 Things to Know About Depression

Depression is a fact of life that millions of people battle every single day. It is a battle that most fight with the weapon they were equipped by modern health care – prescription drugs. No one questions it. And who would? It has been established that depression is caused by chemical imbalance; thus, it can […]

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fast food, junk-food and unhealthy eating concept - close up of fast food snacks and coca cola drink on wooden table
Your Favourite Snacks – Are You Munching on Cancer-Causing Carbs?

As years pass, evidence of how certain carbohydrates can harm your health keeps mounting. A recent study shows there is even more reason to be motivated to remove those sugars that could trigger cancer cell growth. This particular study shows that unhealthy or “bad” carbs substantially increases prostate cancer risk.   Bad carbs are those […]

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Cute young brunette taking a pill with a glass of water at home
Birth Control Pills – Do Their Cons Outweigh Their Pros?

Most women who are on the birth control pill take it for one of these reasons: To prevent pregnancy To address menstrual cycle related problems To clear up their acne   The most important reason for taking ‘the pill’ is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Of course, no one can deny its convenience when you look […]

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Steamed vegetables close up
Why You Should Include More Veggies in Your Diet

When you think of vegetables from when you were a child, you probably think of bland or awful tasting green things your mom used to force-feed you. As you grow older, your perspective changes. Now you think eating vegetables mean tossing a few leaves of lettuce, adding some tomatoes and cucumber, and perhaps some dressing […]

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