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Some red juicy pomegranate, whole and broken, on dark rustic wooden table
Pink Foods to Battle Breast Cancer

When it comes to breast cancer awareness, the colour pink immediately comes to mind. Companies even tend to showcase their products in pink packaging when it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, not all the products found inside those packages are actually good for you.   To really avoid pesticides and toxins, it is always […]

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Close-up of wooden spoon filled with wheat bran on the background of wheat ears. Dietary supplement to improve digestion. Source of dietary fiber. Wooden planks background. Shallow depth of field
Improve Your Bowel Function for Balanced Hormone Levels

Did you know that your bowel function can greatly affect your hormone levels? A lot of women who are suffering from hormonal imbalances also have irregular bowel functions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, or Crohn’s, showing that there is, indeed, a connection between bowel dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.   What’s the connection?   All of […]

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Young man holding pill and a glass of water
Why You Should Think Twice About Taking Antidepressants

If you have been told to take antidepressants because of something you’re going through, you would probably be more than happy to take it, confident that it would solve things. However, despite what we have been told, antidepressants have repeatedly been shown in several long-term studies to actually worsen mental illnesses. That’s not even the […]

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Stressed woman in the airport.
Insecticides During a Flight – Are You at Risk?

Some people feel a little sick after flying and automatically assume it’s just jetlag or freak out thinking it’s a virus they’ve picked up. While these are indeed possible, apparently, there is another possible culprit – and you are not going to be happy about it.   If you are an airline passenger, you would […]

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Two Things You Should Not Forget for Healthy Aging

When a person ages, bone health and muscle strength could be quite difficult to maintain. If you fail to exercise regularly, your muscles could reduce in size resulting to decreased strength and an increased risk of falls and eventual fractures.   If you want to live a long, active, and healthy life, there are two […]

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