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Happy woman in office being active
How to Stay Fit Despite A Busy Work Schedule

Achieving a healthy and active lifestyle should be among your top priorities in life. When you take care of yourself, you get to be the kind of person you want to be with your loved ones, in your job, and in the community where you belong. Taking care of yourself, unfortunately, is not that simple. […]

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Mixed nuts on wooden table and bowl
Improve Heart Health with Antioxidant-Rich Nuts

Aside from their flavour and crunch, there are a lot of other great reasons why you should add nuts in your diet – be it on top of your brownies, in your banana bread, muffins, yogurt, or smoothies.   Nuts lower oxidized cholesterol, supply antioxidants, and improve heart health – and those are just some […]

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Coconut and coconut oil on wooden table
The True Power of Coconut Oil

Decades ago consumers were convinced by food manufacturers to purchase their hydrogenated oils and margarines. How did they do that? They discredited the products that people used to prepare their food, including olive oil, lard, and coconut oil.   Their marketing campaigns said coconut oil clogs the arteries and raises cholesterol levels. Consumers were even […]

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Side view of beautiful young Afro American woman smiling while sleeping in her bed at home
Why You Should Turn the Lights Off Before You Sleep

Your master biological clock can be found inside the suprachiasmatic nucleus or the SCN of your brain. This is a part of your hypothalamus. Depending on the signals of light and darkness, the SCN dictates to your pineal gland when it is actually time to secrete melatonin and when to stop doing so.   In […]

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