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Alkaline foods above the wooden background
Flush Toxins from Your Body with Alkaline Foods

No matter how many resource materials there are, a lot of people still don’t seem to realize how important it is to get rid of toxins from their bodies to improve their overall health. Doing so can help lower your risk of harmful diseases, fight inflammation, and make losing weight a whole lot easier. Including […]

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Young woman eating an healty salad
Micronutrients – How Do They Affect your Immune System?

The responsibility of your immune system is to protect you against harmful microorganisms and other external influences. Inflammation is just one consequence of immune reaction, which means your body is trying to remove foreign bodies or some pathologically altered cells. But some immune reactions could lead to effects that are not desirable, including allergies, autoimmune […]

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Young female touching right side of body in pain. Kidney pain. Isolated on white background
Are You Damaging Your Kidneys with Your Habits?

Your kidneys are very important for your overall health – they absorb minerals, produce hormones, filter your blood, produce urine, help eliminate toxins, and neutralize acids too. As you can see, it is, indeed one of the most important organs in the body. That’s why you should show your kidneys that you care about them, […]

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Unhealthy Liver Anatomy Illustration. 3D render
Reverse Fatty Liver Now!

By now, you are probably already careful about keeping “fatty deposits” from your heart to avoid heart attacks. But how often do you think about how fat can accumulate in your liver, too? Yes, there is such a thing as fatty liver, and it’s not something you want to take lightly. If you do not […]

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Sore throat woman isolate on white background
How to Detoxify Your Lymphatic System

You probably have heard of the lymphatic system. But how well do you understand how it exactly works and how important it is in maintaining a healthy body? Your lymphatic system is consist of a network of organs and tissues that transport lymph all throughout your body. What it does is clean the cellular environment, […]

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