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Diet concept. Young obese woman refuses to eat junk foods by kicking a hot dog, cupcake, donut, and pizza. Isolated on white background
Am I Overweight? Signs You Need to Lose Pounds Now!

Have you ever had the feeling that you have packed on a lot of weight overnight? Many overweight people confess that they didn’t realize they were getting heavier until someone else pointed it out to them. Sadly, having someone else talk to you about your weight whether it’s out of concern or not is really […]

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Mature Woman With Brush Corncerned About Hair Loss
Hair Loss: What’s Causing It?

Hair loss is more common with men than in women. This can be attributed to male pattern baldness. However, that does not mean that women do not experience thinning hair or hair loss. It can happen to women too and what’s unfortunate is that when it happens to a woman, it is somewhat more demoralizing. […]

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Product of the Month – Lily Hair Tonic

Hair tonic – you have probably heard of it from your dad or your grandfather. A few decades ago, hair tonic was considered the most popular hair product, especially for men.  Back in the day, sleek “just-combed” look was trendy and hair tonic can deliver that. Hair tonic contains oil that keeps the hair in […]

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fat woman looking and touching her stomach
Obesity – Beyond a Cosmetic Problem

A lot of people who are obese want to lose weight because they feel self conscious, their confidence is diminished, and they do not like how people perceive them because of the way they look. But obesity is much more than a problem concerning looks. It is, in fact, a serious health hazard. A person […]

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