Monthly Archives: November 2018

Maintaining Proper Bowel Movements

Being a victim of irregular bowel movements can lead to many physically irritating and harmful consequences. What’s regular is not standard in every case and varies from person to person. The window of regular bowel movements ranges from up to three times a day to as little as three times a week. The main thing […]

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Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

The sun is a beautiful thing that is essential for all life to exist, including us. While it provides us with light and warmth, it also provides us with the extremely valuable Vitamin D. While the doctor-recommended daily dosage of Vitamin D seems to change every couple years, the one thing that doesn’t change is […]

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5 Long-Term Impacts of Sleep Deprivation

It can be easy to get caught up in the businesses of life. Working long hours, keeping up with cleaning and maintenance duties around the house, trying to pack in fun activities with friends and family – all these life pursuits can add up and make it hard to get a restful night of sleep. […]

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