Monthly Archives: February 2019

Do I Have Adrenal Fatigue?

Life can be exhausting. There are so many elements that draw upon your energy reserve and drain you. From work to family to friends and everything in between, it can be tough to find time to relax and replenish your energy supply. If stress is a major part of your life, then it can certainly […]

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The Sauna Effect

Most people want to be healthy. They want to live the best life that they can, and that means that they’ll look for ways to accomplish that goal. In a lot of cases, finding ways that are natural and don’t require putting chemicals in the body is the best route to take. If you’re looking […]

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Benefits of Strength Training for Aging Bodies

Staying active and exercising is beneficial no matter what age a person is. It ensures that they will be healthy and have energy to get through their day. As you get older, staying active remains a crucial part of being healthy, and it’s also important to include strength training in your exercise regiment.   Impacts […]

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