6 Natural Allergy Solutions that Work and One That Actually Doesn’t

Pretty brunette blowing her nose at home in the living room

So you survived winter with no problem at all and you handled the cold weather really well (except perhaps for the occasional whining about the freezing temperatures). Now you get to finally be rewarded with amazing springtime weather – unless you belong to the 20% to 30% of Canadians who suffer from seasonal allergies. Then that means that this season will probably mean itchy, red, and watery eyes as well as a runny and stuffy nose.

Before you rush to the local drugstore to get your share of antihistamines for this year, you might want to check out these natural alternatives to your OTC pills:


You can start this at any time but at the very early part of April, we recommend for our allergy sufferers to begin with this homeopathic preparation. Throughout the allergy season, this builds up your resistance to better ward off allergy symptoms. One of our ‘secrets’.

Allergy Relief tablets

One of the best formulas for the relief of allergy symptoms is our Allergy Relief tablets. The homeopathic tablets or tincture will quickly quell those very annoying symptoms of plugged nasal passages, itchy throat, nose, and eyes, swollen, red nose and eyes.


You may not have heard of Chlorella but it is the most powerful superfood on the planet! It has more benefits than you can imagine but in the case of allergies, it is great to bolster the immune system and dry up the swollen and congested nasal passages and itchy eyes.

Nasal Spray

A spray in each nostril of our herbal sinus cleanse formula can help lessen your sneezing and sniffling. But more importantly, our nasal sprays can also reduce your need for medication in the future. Researchers believe that the saline wash or nasal spray works by flushing out air pollutants, allergens, debris, and mucus.

Moderate Level of Exercise

Even if the last thing you want to do when you’re sneezing and sniffling is exercise, studies show that sweating a little can help reduce your allergy symptoms. It is found that allergy sufferers who exercised at a moderate level of intensity for 30 minutes showed 83% decrease in congestion, sneezing, and itching.

The above are five natural ways of dealing with the seasonal allergies that you might want to try before you reach out for your usual medications.


Bee Pollen

Now can you guess which supposed “treatment” doesn’t actually work that well? The answer is honey. It is thought that using honey will help develop antibodies to the allergies due to the bee pollen content. However, honey generally contains very little actual bee pollen. Instead, we use straight Bee Pollen which can be very effective, in fact, one of our best remedies for inhalant(environmental) allergies.


Allergies are no fun, that’s for sure. We at Sloan Natural Health Center understand that. We also know that a steady diet of antihistamines has its potential for nasty medium and long-term side effects. So if you want to know more about how you can naturally treat or prevent your allergy symptoms, do not hesitate to call us and schedule a consultation. We will give you exactly the right strategy on how to effectively use the above-mentioned products to breeze through allergy season! We’ll wait for your call or email!