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My name is David W. Sloan and I am happily married to my wife Erika. We have been blessed with three healthy and active sons and three beautiful grandchildren. I am thankful for my Christian faith, which continues to give me positive strength, hope and guidance in my personal and professional experience.

For many years now, I have been a firm believer in natural healing. Like many of the patients I see, I once suffered from many diverse health challenges and as a last resort, sought professional help from natural practitioners who could guide me in implementing diet, nutrition, herbal and other natural therapies. After detailed and extensive examinations, it was determined that my health had deteriorated so much that I was only given a few years to live. However, by the graciousness of God and radical changes to my diet and lifestyle along with natural therapies, I gratefully found the answers to the various problems that had been afflicting me. Now, almost 40 years later, I am very grateful to be alive and enjoy much more vitality and vigour than I did in my 20's!

Thanking the Great Physician for leading me to know and benefit from what I consider to be the true way of healing, I have considered it a great privilege and honor to be able to share this precious knowledge with my patients. It has truly been gratifying to see many people undergo a remarkable and unbelievable transformation from poor health to vibrant wellbeing.

As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, I believe that providing the keys to vibrant health begins with the holistic approach. To obtain total health, we must regard the total person. This means not only the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our makeup as well. In this way, the underlying causes of poor health can be determined and a program designed to restore buoyant and vibrant health. By teaching my patients correct nutrition and living habits as well as recommending those steps necessary to cleanse the body and rebuild strength and vitality, it soon becomes apparent to the patient that he or she must learn to be responsible for his/her own health. Thus, disease prevention and preventative medicine can truly become a reality.

The areas that I specialize in are the therapeutic use of Herbs, Diet and Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathic Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy(BHRT) to aid the body in returning to optimal vibrant health and function. As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, my work has led me to assisting patients with a wide variety of health concerns including hormonal imbalances, weight-loss, fatigue and low energy, anxiety, depression, and anti-aging. Often as we correct these areas most other concerns just ‘disappear’.

When I began my practise some years ago (unlike today where this field is in a period of exciting growth), it became necessary for me to be pro-active in educating the public by providing lectures, seminars, keynote addresses and workshops. Over the years I have given countless speeches and presentations all over Ontario and Canada in order to break down the walls of ignorance and misunderstanding in my profession as well as provide valuable health information on a wide variety of topics in natural healing .

These have been very well-received and as a result of this, I have had the added privilege of writing articles for magazines, newsletters, as well as interviews on radio and TV. Most recently I have appeared on Daytime Durham on Rogers Cable and the Lessons for Living program broadcast over the CTV network. My current seminar series on all the elements required to live a healthy, vibrant and successful life is entitled 'Be Transformed! ...Transform Your Health, Transform Your Life!' and is available in PDF format on this website with plans to expand this into a book form as well.

In the early days as my practise was starting, I actually formulated and made my own herbal preparations for my patients! These were made up in the form of tinctures, extracts, and I even had a little manual encapsulation device for putting my formulas in capsules. This is largely unheard of today with younger practitioners as there are now so many excellent professional suppliers. In my case, as I got busier in my practise, I simply could not make up my own medicines any longer. However with the help of a friend who had a small manufacturing facility I developed some herbal and nutritional products for my practise which still have a valid place in my dispensary. But my dream was to provide unique, effective and transformational professional quality natural products that I would design to benefit millions of people worldwide! This may indeed become a reality in the near future. Stay tuned for a new exciting line of these products coming soon!

David Sloan, PhD, DNM


David Sloan has studied extensively in the areas listed below. The following is a summary of his credentials:

1980: Began his practice in the living room of his apartment at which time he received a Master of Herbology degree from the Emerson College of Herbology. In the same year Emerson College awarded him a Fellowship for completing advanced study and training in Plant Botany, Natura Medica, Formulation, Botanic Medicine and Therapeutic Application.

1981: Certified in Reflexology from the Reflexology Association of Canada. The art of Foot Reflexology fascinated David from very early on and it was one of the first courses he undertook to equip himself as a natural healer. He could write a sizeable book about the benefits and results Reflexology has been able to accomplish for his family and patients concerning many different types of health issues.

1983: Certified in Colonic Irrigation by Dr. Wood, MD, ND of Chicago. Over the course of sixteen years, he performed at least 10,000 or more colonic irrigations until he closed up his Aylmer office in ’91 and his country clinic in 2001! He no longer provides this service but refers his patients out to other qualified Colon Therapists.

1984: Graduated with a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Clinical Nutrition from Donsbach University School of Nutrition, California (school is no longer in operation).

1985: Studied and received certification in Homeopathy from the Herbal and Wholistic Association of Canada (no longer in operation).

1986: Awarded a Doctor of Nutritional Medicine (NMD) by the American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA) from the John F. Kennedy College of Nutrimedical Arts and Sciences for completing requirements in five different modalities of nutritional medicine. Unfortunately, the ANMA is no longer active. As this degree was not recognized in Canada, he applied for and passed the requirements to practice as a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (RNCP). Along the way, he took several courses in Iridology and added that to his skills as a practitioner as well as numerous other educational courses in many other areas. For example, he studied Clinical Nutritional Urinalysis and Hair Analysis.

2005: Received board certification from the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners – North America as a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM). Doctors of Natural Medicine are natural health practitioners who are trained in the basic medical sciences as well as in traditional medicine and tailor such treatments to the needs of the individual in a way that acknowledges the patient as a participant in the healing process.

2007: Began to undertake extracurricular studies in BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy). Over the ensuing years, David has continued to study and attend courses in this most remarkable field. Both women and men have responded wonderfully to the correction of hormonal imbalances, so much so that BHRT has become an area of specialty in his practise. All prescriptions required for the bioidentical hormones are provided by our Nurse Practitioner on staff.

2008: Completed all requirements to receive a Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine [HD(RHom.)] from NUPATH(National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths).

2010: Certified Health Coach and Certified First Line Therapy Coach: These certifications have been of great value as we guide our dieters through our Ideal Protein weight loss program. Since 2010, in our 2 clinics combined, we have helped our dieters lose almost 46,000 lbs and counting!!

2014: Took training in Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT) and is a Certified Laser Therapist.


Jennifer Sloan, Nurse Practitioner(NP)

Jennifer Sloan has been in the business of caring for people for many years. While starting her working career in the business sector, she soon “got the call” to work in healthcare, one-on-one with people truly making a difference in their lives. After returning to university, she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at York University in Toronto, ON., and began working in Oshawa, ON., in a few specialized areas as a Registered Nurse. Jennifer has worked in Urgent Care, Endoscopy, and a Infusion Clinic which was her favorite place to work. Why was the Infusion Clinic her favourite? She was able to provide personalized care for each patient she saw, and was able to spend time getting to know each patient as an individual --- for three wonderful years.

Jen as her patients warmly call her - “got the call” again to continue her education; and this time it was with a new husband, an infant in tow, and a bun in the oven. They started their life together in Kingston, ON., where Jen completed her Masters of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner in Primary Health Care at Queen’s University, while her husband Derek Sloan completed a law degree at the same time. They had another baby, and ANOTHER baby! So just to get the math right --- that is 3 babies in 3 years. BUSY LADY!!

Jen and her family moved to Belleville, ON., to a beautiful country home. She started working at a family medical clinic in Oshawa, ON. Wanting to be even busier (How is this possible?), Jen decided to go back to school to study Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) with the renowned BHRT expert & educator Dr. Neal Rouzier, MD of WorldLink Medical, and studied Botox & Facial Fillers with Patricia Pezzano, RPN at APT Medical Aesthetics in Oakville, ON. to add to her repertoire.

“In my few years of experience, the biggest ‘clinical pearl’ I’ve learned is that each person defines health a different way. When a patient or client comes into my office, they will have a concern, and generally they already know what they want done, or what outcome they desire. My job is to do that for them. I want people happy, and healthy – this is my goal. My day isn’t complete unless I’ve laughed with my patients, sometimes cried…. If something bothers you, it bothers me. Let me try to help you as best I can.”

We are thrilled to have Jennifer Sloan on board here at Sloan Natural Health Center. As a Nurse Practitioner (NP), she provides our patients with their personalized blood tests under OHIP where applicable if covered and custom-compounded prescriptions for Bioidentical Hormones, Testosterone Replacement, custom and manufactured Thyroid, LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone), Hair Growth Serum, and much more. We are pleased to have Jennifer join our family health practice - Sloan Natural Health Center can now truly claim to be an Integrative Medical Health Center.

A Member of the TruBalance Healthcare Inc., (Canada) Bioidentical Hormone Physicians Network





Kim Rovers, RNEC, BScN, MS

Bioidentical Hormone Consultant

Kim Rovers, a seasoned Nurse Practitioner is passionate about healthy living through healthy lifestyle choices. Kim is a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing in 1994. She started her career in the Victorian Order of Nursing performing Palliative Care. Kim continued providing Palliative Care promoting patient advocacy and doing care management through Community Care Access Centre.

In 2005, Kim decided to return to school to further her knowledge and advance her career in health care. She received her Masters degree in Science and her Family Nurse Practitioner Certification from D’Youville College in Buffalo. She completed practicum with a number of family physicians and specialists in Guelph and Owen Sound, Ontario.

While involved in family practice, Kim had taken interest in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT, disease prevention, healthy lifestyle living, and assisting people through healthy lifestyle management. She has received an in-clinic certification in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women from Integrative Medicine Consultants Inc. and is a respected member of the Trubalance Healthcare Inc. (Canada)- BHRT Physician Network.

At present, Kim is working towards the completion of her Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, which is an interdisciplinary approach to providing comprehensive and holistic care.

Kim’s passion is to promote health and wellness and this continues to grow as she also expands her knowledge and training in integrative medicine. Originally from Owen Sound, Kim currently resides in the historic Royal City of Guelph, Ontario with her three wonderful children.

We are thrilled to have Kim on board here at Sloan Natural Health Center. As a Nurse Practitioner (NP), she provides our patients with their custom-compounded prescriptions including Bio-identical Hormones, Testosterone Replacement, Custom and manufactured thyroid prescriptions, LDN(Low dose naltrexone), Hair Growth Serum, Cannabis and much more. Now that Kim is with us, Sloan Natural Health Center can truly claim to be an Integrative Medical Health Center.



Shannon Reid

Shannon Reid, RMT

Shannon and her team of Massage Therapists from Graduate Student Massage are all fully licensed Registered Massage Therapists(RMT). Although Shannon graduated in 2012 from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy(CCMH) in Toronto, Ontario, she has actually been in the massage therapy profession for over 10 years. She brings additional experience and knowledge from a massage therapy diploma obtained in Europe.

Shannon has been a lead educator at CCMH-Toronto since 2014 and her company Graduate Student Massage is currently providing mobile, in-home massage therapy across the Durham Region. Now, at Sloan Natural Health Center, we are excited and very pleased to have Shannon and her team on board to be able to offer you massage therapy here at Sloan NHC or in the comfort of your own home! Choose from numerous different modalities of massage including Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology.

Anyone who has had a massage treatment with Shannon will realize very quickly that they have experienced one of the best and most beneficial massage therapy treatments ever! Whether it is for relaxation to soothe stiff, tired and achy muscles or for the treatment of an injury or disability, Shannon and her team are more than qualified to help you receive the greatest benefits possible from your massage.


Erika Sloan, Level III Health Coach

Erika has been happily married to David for over 40 years and enjoys working with the team at the Sloan Natural Health Center. Her passion for over 30 years has been natural healing and living a healthful lifestyle. She has been a vegetarian since 1979 and believes that healthy eating and regular exercise are vitally important to health. She loves to learn as well as share her extensive knowledge with others.

In 2009 she received her certification as a Lifestyle Educator. In 2010 she fulfilled all the requirements to be a Health Coach with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol and continues to upgrade and attend Ideal Protein Education seminars on a regular basis. Erika currently works as a Health Coach skilfully guiding our dieters at Sloan Natural Health Center(SNHC). She is also the Chief Administrative Officer for SNHC and covers at the front desk as needed when our regular Administrative staff are away. Her other duties include inventory control, bookkeeping, payroll and overall general managerial duties.

Erika is the mother of 3 wonderful sons who have brought 3 special women into our family as well as the precious gift of 3 grandchildren whom she loves and adores.

Fatima Santos

Fatima Santos, NNCP

When you call us at Sloan Natural Health Center, you will hear the pleasant, cheerful and welcoming voice of Fatima Santos, our Clinic Administrator. As well, she is a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) and a Certified Health Coach for our most successful and outstanding Ideal Protein Weight Loss System.

Fatima has over 20 years experience in office administration and human resources management. She not only runs a very organized and efficient clinic but naturally makes all patients new or established feel right-at-home. With a lifelong passion for nutrition and fitness, Fatima has experimented with most popular diets on the market and as a result has acquired a vast knowledge of both the practical and psychological sides of gaining and losing weight. Her positive outlook on weight loss has successfully helped many dieters achieve their goals.

As a wife, mother, and holistic wellness advocate, she is busy collecting a portfolio of interesting life experiences to challenge both mind and body. A thirst for knowledge and the commitment to educate and empower is Fatima's highest objective in servicing the health concerns of our patients. Helping patients meet and maintain optimal health is her overarching priority. As part of this passion, Fatima is currently studying for a Diploma in Acupuncture.

Fatima sits on the board of Mission Now Canada, a not-for-profit organization that devotes its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy and under-represented members of our global family.


Cristina Seucharan

 Cristina Seucharan

Cristina has worked in the health and wellness field for almost 15 years, and is a certified Ideal Protein health coach. She attended York University where she completed her Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Kinesiology and Health Science. An accomplished writer, public speaker and corporate trainer, she is also the mother of a bright and bubbly toddler.

"Our goal at Sloan Natural Health Center is to inform as many people about the healthcare choices that are available to them. We believe it is critical that the patient plays an active role in their own health care, is an educated consumer, and is willing to make necessary lifestyle changes and attain a new mindset regarding the endless possibilities that natural medicine has to offer. We welcome the opportunity to see you for a consultation, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs".