Age Management Medicine (AMM): Background, Description, and Definition

The growing population of people aging (thanks to the millions of baby boomers and Generation X’ers following them) have somewhat altered what we used to know as “the golden years”. These generations have no intention of slowing down once they reach the age of 65!

Of course, the field of science and medicine has to keep up with this – hence, the birth of age management medicine.

Age Management Medicine is deep-rooted in comprehensive evaluation and established therapeutic approaches. It does not claim to increase longevity. What it promotes is the idea that aging is a natural process and not a disease, so it can be managed. The aim is to help patients achieve optimal health and vitality as well as prevent premature disability.

Four Key Building Blocks of Age Management Medicine (AMM)

AMM makes use of the synergy of its four building blocks which are exercise, anti-inflammatory nutrition, nutraceuticals, and hormone therapy. Each aspect of the program is an important building block supporting the goal – handling the specific health challenges of the patient and controlling the aging process, resulting in more robust living.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the four key building blocks:


Physical exercise is important for delaying or even preventing diseases that are associated with aging. In fact, according to the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, you can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50% by doing physical exercise regularly. Additionally, exercise can also aid in slowing further deterioration in people who have already experienced the onset of cognitive problems. A complete program would include cardiovascular and flexibility exercises, as well as resistance training.

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

Based on the specific medical needs of the patient and his or her health goals, the program will also include a diet, lifestyle and treatment plan in order to bring about more mobility, less pain and discomfort providing a much higher quality of life and optimal performance.

Nutraceutical Grade Supplements

Nutraceuticals are absolutely necessary for everyone, even for those with the healthiest of diets. People, especially the aging population, are rarely able to absorb, assimilate and metabolize the nutrients in their food alone. This is due in part to aging and its effect on our immune function, less production of digestive enzymes, hormones and many other life-sustaining processes.

Hormone Optimization

The goal is to maintain or achieve endocrine balance. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is necessary to implement in order to accomplish this. Regular monitoring is essential to be sure that imbalance does not re-occur and that we are hormonally optimized to prevent reproductive cancers, bone loss and cardiovascular disease.

Age management medicine is an evidence-based, preventative approach to healthcare for aging patients. Its focus is on the preservation of human function and optimum quality of life prior to the onset of aging symptoms.

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