Benefits of Blueberries for Your Brain

Blueberry antioxidant organic superfood in a bowl on a rustic table concept for healthy eating and nutrition

Everybody knows that blueberries are excellent for our health. They are high in antioxidants that aid in protecting our bodies from age-related health risks and various diseases. In addition to that, this amazing fruit has grown popular because it’s one of the top brain foods that can greatly improve one’s memory and even boost cognitive function.

With their high content of antioxidants – in particular flavonoids, blueberries are able to boost brain health. Consuming blueberries on a daily basis has been found to dramatically slow memory impairments and motor coordination problems – both of which are associated with aging.

Read on to learn more about the brain benefits of this wonder “brainberry”.

Blueberries Boosts Brain Cells

In a study conducted in 2002, adding blueberries to your diet helps increase the birth rate of the brain cells in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the region of your brain that is responsible for your memory.

Blueberries Improve Concentration

Having trouble focusing at work or school? Snacking on a bowl of blueberries can greatly improve your concentration five hours later! A study conducted in 2009 showed that participants who drank a blueberry smoothie for breakfast performed mental tasks in the mid-afternoon better than those who drank a different beverage. Researchers believe that the antioxidants found in blueberries help keep the mind active as the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain is stimulated.

Blueberries Reduce the Risk of Dementia

We know that as people age, cognitive function also starts to decline. But you can do something about it! In a recent study, older adults who drank 30 milliliters of concentrated blueberry juice had a remarkable increase in blood flow, brain activity, and memory compared to those who belonged in the placebo group. These effects can lower one’s dementia risk!

Blueberries Minimize the Effects of Alzheimer’s

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that not only improve memory and cognitive function, but can potentially prevent Alzheimer’s disease, too! A 2016 study showed that blueberries are an effective treatment for patients who are already showing signs of mental impairment. Adults who consumed a freeze-dried blueberry powder showed improved memory and improved access to words, as well as increased brain activity.

Blueberries Can Boost Mental Health

Eating blueberries can also reduce the biochemical and genetic drivers behind depression and even suicidal tendencies that are associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. This is based on a 2016 study that investigated the biological factors contributing to PTSD and observed how a diet rich in blueberries affects those factors.

Indeed, blueberries are the ultimate brain food! These are all great reasons for you make sure you eat this impressive fruit!

Aside from eating blueberries, there are also natural ways for you to address aging symptoms and mental health concerns. Contact Sloan Natural Health Center today to learn more!