Family have fun in the kitchen with vegetables
How You Can Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthier

If you are a parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt, then you probably already know how difficult it is to get kids to eat healthy food. The toxic food environment that we have today does not help matters at all. Does that mean you should just give up? Not at all! Most parents believe they are […]

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Drawn brain hovered over the human hand on the gray wall background
A Healthier and Sharper Brain – Is This Still Possible?

Millions are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia every single year and the number continues to  grow at an alarming rate. Alzheimer’s is considered the defining disease of the “boomer” generation. The number of patients with this disease is expected to triple by 2050. Even if you are able to escape these life-threatening conditions, you […]

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Woman holding model of human intestines in front of body on white background. Female hands showing artificial model of lower human tissue and organs in front of body. The plastic model is isolated on shirt as white background. This model shows the real size of this part of the body, it is used in high school to teach teens biology and science.
How a Low Fibre Diet Can Cause Irreversible Damage to Gut Bacteria

For many years, humans have thrived on a diet that is made up of plant-based fibre and healthy amounts of protein and fats. However, due to fast-paced industrialization as well as the popularity of fast foods, our consumption of fibre has plummeted. A study from Stanford University School of Medicine that was published in Nature […]

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Products containing magnesium: bananas, pumpkin seeds, blue poppy seed, cashew nuts, beans, almonds, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, buckwheat, peanuts, pistachios, dark chocolate and sesame seeds on wooden table
Why You Should Get More Magnesium

Did you know that magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral found in the body? It also activates more than 250 biochemical processes in the body to keep things going well. Yet most people do not fully appreciate how important this miraculous mineral is. We know that you want to understand the importance of magnesium […]

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plastic kitchen utensils on wooden table
Life Without Plastic: It’s Worth Every Effort

Years ago when plastic was invented, it revolutionized the world. Unfortunately, it came with consequences. In the past few years, the potential dangers of plastic to human health as well as the environment have been put under the microscope. But despite those dangers being known, plastic is still one of the most widely used materials […]

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Tired overworked freelancer working with a laptop in an office or home
Fight Sleepiness at Work Naturally

Anyone who says they never once felt bored or sleepy when they are in the office are either new to the job or lying. It is true, and anybody who has ever worked 8 to 5 (with the usual overtime) will agree that even with a good night’s sleep, it is not unusual for them […]

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aloe vera
Can Aloe Vera Improve Your Eczema?

Aloe Vera is an incredible plant. It is rich in vitamins like B12, minerals like magnesium and calcium, as well as amino acids and fatty acids. With more than 200 active components, its medicinal properties are simply astounding. Some of the health concerns that Aloe Vera can address include those of the cardiovascular and digestive […]

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Side view of young businessman looking forward while riding on his bicycle
Find Time to Pedal: Benefits of Biking

Exercise is one of the most important foundations of prime health. This is especially important when you are aging. Benefits of regular exercise include an improved immune system, better sleep quality, and reduced risk of health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Nowadays, there are a variety of exercises that you can do to […]

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Sad woman
Depression and Your Nocturnal Lifestyle

Feeling a little down every once in a while is a normal part of the human experience – more so during challenging times. However, constant feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, sadness, and lack of interest in the things you used to enjoy doing – these are symptoms of depression. It is not a condition that you […]

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strong back of young body building sportsman using steroids for increasing sport athletic performance and hand holding syringe in sport cheat doping and illegal use of hormones concept
The True Dangers of Steroids

Anabolic steroids are medicines that require a prescription, yet most of the people who take them do so without medical advice. They take steroids for the purpose of increasing their muscle mass as well as improving their athletic performance. How Do Steroids Work? Anabolic steroids mimic the effects of testosterone, a male hormone. They are […]

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