Booze and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

Do not drink and drive! Cropped image of man showing stop gesture and refusing to drink beer. Car keys lying near

It doesn’t matter much if you prefer drinking beer, wine, or whiskey – alcohol is a danger to the human body and it promotes chronic diseases.

It also does not make much difference if a person drinks alcohol moderately because every sip already delivers a dose of yeast and sugar that welcome Candida albicans in your gut which then promotes disease. Alcohol is a mycotoxin that fuels bacteria, giving them what they need to multiply. So whether you binge only during special occasions or you drink a little each day, it doesn’t matter much.

Evidence shows that when there is a growth of Candida albicans in the gut, you are more at risk of getting various health problems. Included in those health problems are some forms of cancer. According to studies, in the UK alone, alcohol consumption is associated directly with at least 12,800 cancer cases. Alcohol was actually linked to seven types of cancers that affect different parts of the body. The most common were bowel and breast cancers. For instance, 3,200 cases of breast cancer in the UK have been associated to regular intake of alcohol.

Alcohol is a toxic carcinogen. A mycotoxin like alcohol is a poisonous secondary metabolite that is produced by molds and fungi. When you drink it, alcohol preps an internal environment for fungal infections to occupy, allow inflammation to start, and disease to take over.

Additionally, alcohol damages your body on a hormonal level, increasing estrogen levels. This rise in estrogen levels messes up with the cellular communication. It also confuses cells as to when they should and should not divide. This may be one of the reasons alcohol consumption is said to increase one’s breast cancer risk.

Similarly, alcohol increases the risk for throat and mouth cancers, even more so if the person also smokes. Alcohol can transport cigarette chemicals to enter the bloodstream and assists harmful toxins as they get absorbed.

Studies also show that regular consumption of a large glass of wine or a pint of lager can substantially increase your risk of having bowel, breast, mouth, throat, and esophageal cancer. What happens is that alcohol makes your cells release Reactive Oxygen Species which are molecules that damages your DNA. And then ultimately, alcohol molecules break down into acetaldehyde, which is a toxin that inhibits your cells’ ability to repair itself. As alcohol molecules break down, they harm the liver and in time can lead to the dreaded liver cirrhosis.

So with all these dangers alcohol exposes you to, is having your “usual” drink really worth it? It’s time that you take better care of your health. Sloan Natural Health Center can help you detoxify your body of the toxins from alcohol and improve your overall health. Ask us how!