How to Detoxify Your Lymphatic System

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You probably have heard of the lymphatic system. But how well do you understand how it exactly works and how important it is in maintaining a healthy body?

Your lymphatic system is consist of a network of organs and tissues that transport lymph all throughout your body. What it does is clean the cellular environment, as well as return excess tissue fluids and proteins to the blood to provide a pathway for fat absorption into your bloodstream. It is also vital in the production and transportation of white blood cells (lymphocytes) throughout your body to battle infection.

Doctors in the Far East regions and in Europe recognize the importance of the lymphatic system and how it promotes detoxification and supports other systems in the body. All natural practitioners know that a lot of health conditions are connected to poor lymph health.

The first step in achieving a healthy lymph system and body is to maintain a balanced gut flora. If your digestive system is full of toxins, it means the microbes found in your gut are not good for you. Know, too, that the intestinal trunk receives the lymph that comes from your stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, and pancreas.

The right diet, of course, is the foundation of a truly effective detox. Cranberry lemonade, as well as different salads, can greatly improve the way your body eliminates toxins.

You should stay away from processed foods. As much as possible, only eat food that is cooked and prepared at home. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. As mentioned, cranberry, when juiced fresh, helps in your overall hydration, as well as the breakdown of your excess fat so your lymphatic vessels can take it away easily. Take note that cranberry juices with other added ingredients will not work the same way a fresh cranberry juice would.

*Green, leafy vegetables are highly cleansing. They have beneficial effects on lymph fluid and your blood as well. Load up on green veggies like spinach, barley, kale, turnip greens, broccoli, dandelion leaves, and more.

*Garlic, which is also known to boost one’s immune functions while killing harmful microbes, should be a part of your daily meals. Ginger and turmeric which reduce inflammation and improve circulation are also good for your lymphatic system.

*A lymphatic massage can also be helpful in detoxifying the system and encouraging lymph movement. When properly done, a lymphatic massage can push up to about 78% of stagnant lymph back into circulation. This, of course, gets the toxins moving for clearance.

*Clogged lymphatic system also means your body is needing exercise. Get your lymph flowing by doing yoga, squats, and by running.

Like with all the other systems of your body, a holistic approach that includes diet, fitness, and the right supplementation can help detoxify your lymphatic system and have it functioning optimally. For more tips about freeing your body of toxins and improving your overall health, reach out to us at Sloan Natural Health Center now!