Don’t Wait! Lose Weight Now!

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How long have you been telling yourself that you’ll lose weight? Perhaps you have put it off during the holidays because, let’s admit it, all those delicious foods were really hard to resist. But it’s 2018 now. And if there’s ever a perfect time to work on achieving a healthier weight, it’s now! Especially since our Initial Weight loss start up is $50 off until February 15!

If you have already tried countless diets and weight-loss fads and still find yourself heavy with those extra pounds, then you’re probably feeling really frustrated right now.  But don’t you worry! We at Sloan Natural Health Center know that you can do it – with dedication and our effective program, of course!

Our successful Fat Burning Weight Loss Method has helped thousands of people lose weight and feel revitalized at the same time! Our one-on-one tailored personal care and health coaching has been proven effective by countless men and women.

There are four phases of our Fat Burning Weight Loss Method. In each phase, you’ll get a better understanding of how your body gains weight and what kinds of food you should eat to keep a balanced and healthy weight.

During Phase One, you will lose 100% of your weight loss goal while burning body fat and increasing your muscle mass percentage.  Throughout our program, you will have weekly check-ups with your personal weight-loss coach to insure you have the help and guidance you need along the way and at the same time keeping  you accountable.

Phase Two starts the transition period towards Maintenance and lasts for two weeks.

In Phase Three, which also lasts for two weeks, healthy carbs and fats are reintroduced and carefully incorporated back into your diet. This resets the pancreas so it will produce the proper amounts of insulin. This is important because the over production of insulin is the major cause of weight gain.

Phase Four is where you’ll start to apply all the guidelines for maintaining your weight provided by your coach. We will give you the keys and strategies to keep your weight off and you will meet with your coach on a regular basis, until you’re comfortable adapting these principle into your lifestyle. Our Maintenance program is unparalleled in the industry. We aim to empower you so you can keep your weight under control on your own and know exactly what to do when you get off track.

No matter what methods you’ve tried before to lose weight and haven’t been successful, OUR PROGRAM WORKS! If you have health challenges like thyroid issues, diabetes, are menopausal or have any other weight gaining issues, you CAN be successful with our Weight Loss program. Contact us today to book your appointment. Why wait when our Initial Weight Loss start-up fee is $50 off but only until Feb 15! Book today to lose weight and live a healthier life with Sloan Natural Health Center!