Featured Product of the Month: Pro Estro Support

How close are you to reaching menopause? If you are nearing that stage in your life, you have probably been looking at what symptoms you might expect and perhaps some helpful tips on how you can deal with those symptoms when they begin to create problems. While it is not the same for everyone and each woman experiences menopause a little differently, one thing is for certain – going into menopause can be challenging! Most woman who are menopausal will tell you that going through it was a somewhat difficult experience. Pro Estro Support is one of the products we use that has been exceptionally helpful for not only women who are approaching menopause but also women through ALL phases of their menstrual and menopausal years as well. We even use it for men with elevated estrogen levels.

Pro Estro Support is a natural herbal and nutritional product designed to assist the body to regulate and balance healthy estrogen levels. It provides the following features:

  • A science-backed formula for hormone balance
  • Promotes breast health
  • Supports toxin metabolism in the liver
  • Helps balance estrogen levels

Pro Estro Support has proven itself in my practise over and over again. For my patients with estrogen dominance symptoms such as anxiety, depression, moods, hot flashes, night sweats, foggy brain and many others it is wonderful. It also encourages estrogens to travel down safe metabolic pathways thereby helping to prevent ‘bad estrogens’ from forming and the possibility of breast, ovarian and uterine fibroid tumours and cancers

If you would like to know more about Pro Estro Support, please feel free to contact Sloan Natural Health Center to get the information that you need and to find out how you can safely restore balance to your estrogen and other hormone levels. Aside from taking Pro Estro Support, a program can be custom- tailored for you utilizing nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, weight loss strategies, herbs, homeopathic and nutritional formulas all designed to help your body naturally bring your hormones into balance. When this is accomplished you will not believe how much better you’ll feel!