Natural Ways to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

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Prevention is the key to keeping a healthy immune system and avoiding flu and many other diseases. This is especially important with the increasing concern over a growing serious health threat which is antibiotic resistance.

A recently published paper in the US showed that friendly microbes in the intestinal tracts of even healthy American children have a number of antibiotic-resistant genes.

As it turns out, with constant exposure to antibiotic drugs, bacteria can develop a genetic resistance to those drugs.

When microbial genetic code gets wired for resistance, this information then moves on to later generations and nearby species of microbes. What it means is that microbes can actually swap genes coded for antibiotic resistance just as easily as entrepreneurs swap money for their goods.

More frequent exposure to antibiotics speeds up the spreading of antibiotic resistance. That is why it is important that you only use antibiotic drugs when they’re really needed.

It’s a good thing antibiotics are not always needed (despite what we are often told.) You can keep your immune system safe by following these tips:

Limit Your Sugar Intake

It is very important that you avoid refined sugar that is already stripped of fibre and minerals. It can greatly affect your defenses. Excess sugar links up with fats and proteins to form cross-links. Over time, those cross-links become permanent. This is known as an advanced glycation end product or AGE. This harms your body because it has a tendency to disrupt the immune system and affect its ability to protect the body against infections.

Make Fermented Foods Part of Your Diet

Probiotic microbes from fermented foods displace the bad guys in the intestines. Additionally, they produce natural antibiotics that can eliminate stray disease-causing organisms. Probiotic microbes also work well with your immune system, providing it with the buffer it needs when the body is stressed because of heavy meals, lack of sleep, mental fatigue, air travel, and more.

Relax and Have a Good Laugh

Being able to relax and laugh is really good for you and your immune system. Researchers found that compassion and relaxation can help reduce inflammatory cytokines levels. It can also increase resistance to respiratory infections and speed up recovery time.

Opt for Natural Treatments

It may seem easier to just pop antibiotic drugs when you are feeling ill, but there are natural approaches that are a safer option. You may be surprised how effective they are! If you want to know more about natural health care services that can make your immune system stronger and help you fight antibiotic resistance, call Sloan Natural Health Center!