How to Prepare for a Healthy Holiday

Christmas lovely family wearing a hats of Santa Claus and making selfie

The holidays are almost here! It’s once again time for family get-togethers, fun winter activities, amazing food, and… weight gain? Did you know that the holiday season contributes a lot to your yearly weight gain? Those who are already obese or overweight are at a higher risk of gaining more weight during this period.

Does that mean you should just accept those extra pounds as a part of life that you do nothing about? Not at all! Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for the holidays:

Make Weighing Yourself a Regular Habit

Did you know that weighing yourself on a daily basis actually produces better weight loss results compared to not monitoring your weight? If you can’t do it daily, do it at least once a week so you can keep track of your weight and know when you are starting to gain weight. This way, you can take the necessary steps to avoid gaining unwanted pounds!

Learn Healthier Holiday Recipes

Let’s admit it. Traditional holiday dishes do come with humongous amounts of calories. They’re also high in sugar, salt, and fat. Eating those foods not only tips the weigh scale, but also leaves you tired and sluggish. Look for healthier options that are still delicious!

Make Time for a Good Workout

We know that this time of year is probably the busiest, but that’s no reason for you to skip your workout routine. Make sure you include your preferred physical activity in your daily schedule. It’s the perfect time to start walking (perhaps while looking for presents!) or to join a new class at the gym.

Think of Activities or Events That Do Not Involve Eating

If you’re planning activities for your family and friends, choose one that does not revolve around food. Some things you can do include skating, watching musicals, or even simple ones like making holiday crafts.

Sleep Well

According to studies, sleep deprivation leads to making unhealthy food choices that result in eventual weight gain. Make sure that you always have enough rest each night no matter how hectic your schedule is. Sleeping boosts your immune system and gives you the energy you need to enjoy the holiday!

If you do all these tips, you can avoid gaining weight during the holidays! And if you think you need to lose more weight, you can contact Sloan Natural Health Center and find out about our Weight Loss Program. Call us today!