Product of the Month: Angiostop

Every day, thousands of people die because of cancer. However, cancer doesn’t necessarily have to be a death sentence.

If cancer is caught early enough, there are a variety of natural solutions that can actually help deliver good outcomes and improve chances of survival.  For instance, taking Angiostop right after a cancer diagnosis can have astounding effects.

What is Angiostop?

It is a dietary supplement that is designed to help maintain immune health. Philinopside A, which is the active ingredient of Angiostop, comes from sea cucumber. It is high in lactones and polysaccharides.

For many centuries, sea cucumbers have been believed to be an integral part of Chinese folk medicine. Its primary uses include nourishing the blood, balancing kidney qi, and moistening dry intestines. It was also used as a longevity tonic.

Sea cucumbers are known to be rich in nutrients that include vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3. They are also high in calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Sea cucumbers are also a great source of bioactive compounds like chondroitin sulfates, saponins, sterols, phenolics, lectins, peptides, cerebrosides, glycoprotein, sulfated polysaccharides, and essential fatty acids.

How Safe is Angiostop?

With or without conventional cancer therapy, Angiostop has very minimal toxicity so it can be recommended for long-term use. Conventional cancer therapies are usually recommended in combination. This is so cancer can be suppressed from various angles. For example, chemotherapy and radiation are often given in tandem. Angiostop has a synergistic effect when given with conventional therapies. That effect has been studied in the past as well. For instance, in pancreatic cancer, it was found that sea cucumber could enhance the effect of several chemotherapeutic agents with no side effects.

Angiostop is considered a good candidate for cancer therapy supplementation. And while clinical studies are still needed to fully establish its mechanisms, preliminary studies have shown that it can inhibit pathways that let cancer cells proliferate and tumors grow. It also promotes pathways that allow those cancer cells to die.

If you want more information about Angiostop, or you’re looking into various supplements for supplementary treatment, you can call Sloan Natural Health Center and schedule a consultation.