Product of the Month: Myomin

Estrogen plays a big role in developing female sex characteristics. It is a vital hormone in childbearing and in keeping a woman’s bone strength. Additionally, it also contributes to cell activity and helps determine how cells will function. Indeed, it is important to various growth processes during puberty and into adulthood.

The problem, however, is that when it signals cells to divide and multiply, it can also trigger the abnormal growth of those estrogen-responsive tissues. This results in various Estrogen Dominance disorders, including cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, as well as prostate and breast cancer. Therefore, treating these disorders involves blocking the action of the hormone estrogen in the affected tissues.

Myomin is an excellent herbal formulation that performs these functions:

* Inhibits the aromatase enzyme

* Competes with Estradiol

* Increases interferon and interleukin (IFN and IL-2)

Aromatase inhibition is important in keeping ovarian cysts from forming and becoming malignant. It is as important in men as their testosterone is more readily converted to estrogen as they age. As estrogen levels rise, the more men are at risk of developing prostatitis, gynecomastia, and prostate cancer.

Myomin is also known to reduce estradiol level. In a study conducted with 60 women with either fibroids or cysts, it was found that after 10 days, the average Estradiol level of 74.52 PG/ml was reduced to 38.84ps/ml. The women reported that the cysts, fibroids, as well as the pain associated with those, had been reduced, too.

Myomin increases both interferon and interleukin. The latter, IL-2, induces immune cells and enhances the body’s ability to battle and kill tumor cells. IFN, on the other hand, stimulates natural killer cells and works actively against tumors.

Many people can benefit from taking Myomin, which is effective with or without Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Those who are suffering from symptoms of hormonal imbalance and Estrogen Dominance disorders will see positive changes when they take Myomin.

Are you suffering from hormonal imbalance, Estrogen Dominance disorders, or noticing some of its symptoms? Myomin might be for you! It is, of course, advisable that you visit David Sloan, NMD of Sloan Natural Health Center for a thorough assessment to know for sure if it’s right for you.

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