Natural Healthcare Seminars

Transform Your Health...Transform Your Life Seminars!

Numerous corporations, businesses, churches and other organizations, service clubs and other groups are constantly looking for excellent speakers for conventions, conferences, keynote addresses, training seminars, weekly or monthly meetings. Of great interest to most all of the above-mentioned organizations is the topic of health and particularly natural health topics such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplementation, natural nutritional, herbal and homeopathic remedies, hormonal imbalance, weight loss and much, much more. David Sloan DNM is an experienced and gifted speaker who has presented countless health seminars, lectures, keynote addresses, workshops over the years as well as TV and radio appearances, health articles and courses. He is noted for his humorous but information-packed addresses which encourages the listener to take back their power and advocate for their own health and healthcare. He provides the answers to so many burning health questions especially in the field of natural medicine and all that this entails.

Recently, he has developed his Transform Your Health...Transform Your Life! seminar series which will provide attendees with solid, take-home practical strategies to transform their lives, no matter what stage they are at in life, business, career, physical fitness or spirituality to provide a complete, balanced guide to living a game-changing life.

The Transform Your Health...Transform Your Life! Seminar teaches the basic building blocks or the keys to optimum, vibrant health. TRANSFORM is an acronym for these building blocks. T stands for Trust in the Lord, R stands for Rest,A for Activity, N for Nutrition, S for Supplementation, F for Finances, O for Outlook, R for Relationships and M for Motivation. Those who attend this information-packed seminar series will be amazed at how making even just minor changes in lifestyle and diet can make a huge difference in one's longevity and quality of life. If you are interested in the whole series or just one part or any other type of health topic, David Sloan DNM will captivate your audience with his vast knowledge and experience in the natural healing field. Contact us for more info.

 After a year of suffering from ‘foggy brain’, forgetfulness, migraines and sleep issues I contacted him. He was extremely understanding, knowledgeable and helpful. He takes the time to review and test you holistically to ensure he’s making the right choices for you. He also talks about the importance of a healthy diet to promote a functional immune system. I was given bioidentical hormones along with some targeted supplements, along with a hormone balancing diet and lifestyle recommendations. Within a couple of weeks I was feeling like my old self again, had lots of clarity, and sleeping like a baby! Making the appointment with him was the best thing I ever did for myself, and I highly recommend David!

Pamela N., age 54

Just a note of appreciation to all the effort and time you have put forth. Looking back to the time I first came to your office until today I cannot believe the change in my health. I was dying on the inside while trying to appear healthy on the outside. There were times it seemed like the products weren’t making any difference. And it crossed my mind to just give up going to appointments. But it has definitely been worth it all. I’m now able to attend HIIT, CORE, Spin and other classes at the gym. Aside from that I’m also able to bike 52 km in one afternoon. The best part is I still have lots energy left by the end of the day.

PS. My next goal is to bike 75-80 km in one afternoon.

Hilda D., age 35