Simple Ways to Avoid Liver Disease

Paper with fatty liver disease and pills. Medical concept.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or simply NAFLD is now a growing endemic in many countries. In the United States alone, more than 90 million Americans are now suffering from this disease.

In the most severe cases, NAFLD can progress to health complications that can be life-threatening, including liver failure and cirrhosis.

With the severity of the problem, a lot of researchers fear that NAFLD is possibly the next global epidemic.

Does that mean there’s nothing you can do? Not at all! In a lot of cases, NAFLD is preventable. Read on and find out what you can do to avoid this dreadful disease and keep your liver functioning at its top capacity.

Go Organic

You can reduce your exposure to pesticides that can be damaging your liver when you opt for an organic diet. In particular, glyphosate which can be found in chemical weed-killers is associated with serious liver disease. Exposure to even the smallest quantities can cause liver scarring and disturbances in fat metabolism, as well as damage to cell mitochondria.

Unfortunately, glyphosate is applied on many commercial crops like corn, canola, and soy. You can also find it in cereals, wine, and even within many vaccines. You can protect your liver from the damaging effects of this pesticide by choosing organic. It’s also wise to consume a diet that is high in anti-inflammatory components, including organic berries, nuts, and sardines.

Look for Liver-Friendly Nutrients

You probably already have what you need right inside your pantry or refrigerator. There are many foods and spices like curcumin from turmeric that can fight free-radicals and help protect your liver. Beet juice is also praised by researchers because of its high-content of betaine which is an amino acid that helps rid the liver of toxins. It is also rich in betacyanins which are natural plant pigments that can reduce oxidative damage in the liver. Green tea is also good for you, as it is high in antioxidant polyphenols and acts as a natural diuretic, flushing toxins from the liver. Berries, dark cherries, and all your cruciferous vegetables should also be a part of your diet if you wish to detoxify your liver. You can also take some supplements such as ALA, selenium, and silymarin.

Reduce or Eliminate Exposure to Toxins

Every day, you are exposed to environmental toxins. They come from the products we use on a daily basis, including beauty products, plastic ware, and household cleaning products. Plastic containers contain alarming amounts of bisphenol A or BPA. It’s better to store your food in glass containers.

Instead of using harsh and toxic chemicals for cleaning, choose safe formulas like baking soda and vinegar. It would also benefit you a lot if you invest in beauty products that do not contain toxic heavy metals. For instance, most commercial deodorants have aluminum, while it’s common for toothpaste to have fluoride. While it is impossible to completely avoid all toxins, you can definitely cut your exposure level and help your liver by reducing its burden.

Get Moving

According to researchers, the rise of NAFLD cases may be linked with the rise of obesity. To maintain healthy weight and to avoid liver disease, exercising is extremely important. A study shows that maintaining healthy body weight by combining a healthy diet and physical exercises has more benefits to the liver compared to maintaining weight through diet alone.

A combination of aerobic exercise and weight-bearing exercises is ideal. Committing to at least 30 minutes daily for five days a week is a good start. If you are already suffering from liver disease or you have been living a sedentary life for a while now, you can reach out to us at Sloan Natural Health Center and we’ll help you get your health back the natural way.

These simple tips can help you support your liver and improve your overall health, while possibly preventing or even reversing NAFLD.