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 After a year of suffering from ‘foggy brain’, forgetfulness, migraines and sleep issues I contacted him. He was extremely understanding, knowledgeable and helpful. He takes the time to review and test you holistically to ensure he’s making the right choices for you. He also talks about the importance of a healthy diet to promote a functional immune system. I was given bioidentical hormones along with some targeted supplements, along with a hormone balancing diet and lifestyle recommendations. Within a couple of weeks I was feeling like my old self again, had lots of clarity, and sleeping like a baby! Making the appointment with him was the best thing I ever did for myself, and I highly recommend David!

Pamela N., age 54

Just a note of appreciation to all the effort and time you have put forth. Looking back to the time I first came to your office until today I cannot believe the change in my health. I was dying on the inside while trying to appear healthy on the outside. There were times it seemed like the products weren’t making any difference. And it crossed my mind to just give up going to appointments. But it has definitely been worth it all. I’m now able to attend HIIT, CORE, Spin and other classes at the gym. Aside from that I’m also able to bike 52 km in one afternoon. The best part is I still have lots energy left by the end of the day.

PS. My next goal is to bike 75-80 km in one afternoon.

Hilda D., age 35

It began all so subtly when I was 45 years old. You know – feeling agitated by little things, no patience, easily angered and some anxiety as well. Then the night sweats started, hot flashes became a regular occurrence as did the feelings of paranoia. Any extraordinary stressors made life unbearable. I
experienced depression, intense panic attacks and a complete shut down on all levels. Mentally I couldn’t think straight and emotionally it was hard to even talk to people. I own and operate my own business and I had to force myself to walk out the door every morning. My confidence in myself and my abilities was gone.

The next few years were a living nightmare. I was making too many visits to the family doctor to receive prescriptions for anti-anxiety meds and
anti-depressives. I couldn’t convince him I was menopausal. Blood tests finally revealed I indeed was pre-menopausal. Finally at 51 years old, he prescribed a
synthetic hormone replacement. I took the script to my local pharmacy and my pharmacist encouraged me to reconsider as he was concerned that the health risks were too great. He highly recommended natural supplements as an alternative choice. I went that route for 6 months. By Christmas I was dying.
I was so physically, mentally and emotionally stressed, I was hysterical and fading fast. I am a slim framed woman and started losing weight rapidly those last few weeks.

I made a desperate call to David Sloan. When I saw him, he took one look at me and knew what was going on. After a saliva test, it confirmed my need for
natural progesterone and estrogen supplementation. It was only a matter of months before I was "back" – stronger, feeling more vibrant than I had in a long time and I was looking better too.

So my story ends- happy and finally healthy and balanced with thanks and much gratitude to David. My situation was quite an extreme one but I
absolutely encourage you to have the saliva test done. With natural hormone replacement, you will not only feel better but increase your quality of life.

Marsha M., age 52

For at least a year and a half I had been suffering from low energy, low sex-drive and erectile dysfunction(ED). I was recovering from an illness that had worn my system down and this is when I started to experience the above symptoms. I was constantly tired all day, every day and I honestly felt like I was getting old before my time. I was feeling decrepit, out of breath with exertion, huffing and puffing, sighing and yawning constantly.

I knew there were medical options available but I was not interested in using prescription medications for Erectile Dysfunction. I was looking for something natural and safe; something that would correct the underlying causes of my problem.

I went online and searched for a doctor who specialized in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. I found Dr. Sloan and booked my appointment to come in to see him.

As far as noticing any difference or improvement, it seemed to be rather slow for the first month or two, but Dr. Sloan assured me that this was typical and to just hang in there. Then, over the next 4 months my symptoms improved dramatically until now at about the 6 month point I consider myself to be feeling much better and functioning very well once again. I was extremely pleased with Dr. Sloan’s personal attention and concern as well as his expertise.

Men may not often think of hormonal imbalance as being the cause or part of the cause of their symptoms but this has been a tremendous help to me. I highly recommend any men out there with this and other problems – don’t hesitate – get in and see Dr. Sloan. You will not regret it! .

Greg, age 38

I had been struggling with a list a mile long of every menopausal symptom there was. I tried every herb and supplement on the market. Nothing worked. I read for hours on natural treatments. My hot flashes got so bad that I was having them one after another. I think at their worst I was having 30 or more a day. I was melting all the time. I couldn’t sleep; I was hot all the time and barely slept 3 or 4 hours a night. That in turn made me miserable. I was moody, edgy, crusty, all of the time. My hair is thin to begin with but it was now falling out, which was really stressing me. My weight was slowly creeping up as well. In six months I had gone from 125 pounds to 140. I still did my treadmill and tried every diet out there. Nothing worked. I couldn’t lose a pound.

I was taking my daughter to a driver training class in Simcoe and was sitting at a light waiting when I saw this giant sign about women’s hormones. I wrote the name and number down and couldn’t wait to get home to check it out. I read the few reviews on David Sloan and called to book an appointment. I filled out the information form at home and couldn’t believe the list of what all was wrong with me. I took that list to my first appointment in January. David had me send away a saliva test and ordered blood work done so that he could see where my levels were. Everything was out of sync.

Within days of taking my bio-identical prescription I felt relief of the hot flashes. Within a month I think the hot flashes completely stopped. I kept waiting for them to start or have at least one. Nothing, I couldn’t believe it! I was also put on good quality vitamins and supplements. I couldn’t believe how fast I started to feel better. I was sleeping through the night or 90% of it. I had much more energy. My hair stopped thinning. My weight went back down, I’m now 127 pounds. I am exercising again, doing boot camps because I now have my energy back. I am still being treated by David and am wondering what we will do next. I would recommend his clinic if you are struggling with hormone issues. I am forever grateful I found him. I have gone to many naturopaths and homeopaths for the last 25 years. Treating my hormones naturally is important to me. David Sloan is very professional; I was comfortable with him right away. I am so happy I feel like the old me! I would recommend him 150%.

Kellie D., age 51

I came to David Sloan because I was very stressed, anxious, nervous and also couldn’t sleep. I found I was craving sugar constantly and had gained weight in the abdominal area. Some of my other symptoms were constipation, dry hair, brittle nails, thinning skin and ringing in the ears. I also had lost muscle mass and tone. I felt like I was aging too rapidly but my absolute worst nightmare was losing my hair.

Well, now the good news. Since I started on Bio-identical hormones, my hair growth and thickness has definitely improved! Also, the ringing in my ears has significantly decreased and overall I’m feeling much better. I am thrilled at the many ways in which Bio-identical hormones and nutritional supplements that David Sloan recommended has helped me!

I would definitely recommend David Sloan to others as well as the importance of being tested for your hormones.

Anne B., age 65

I came to see David Sloan with numerous concerns. After consulting with him, he felt that some of my problems were due to hormonal imbalance. These symptoms included hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, abdominal weight gain, irritability, mood swings, stress, memory lapses, acne, rapid aging, thinning skin and hoarseness. David Sloan had my hormone levels evaluated and upon his advice, I began a regimen of bio identical hormones and nutritional supplements. My symptoms started to improve and I had hardly any hot flashes, night sweats anymore. My sleep improved immensely as well as my moods. David helped me from peri-menopause through menopause in a way that was remarkably smooth. I am now free from all the troublesome symptoms I was suffering with for so long.

I am so thankful to David for the wonderful quality of life I now enjoy.

Barb B., age 51

Although I was only 21 when I first consulted David Sloan, I was experiencing symptoms that I would think only older women would complain of – severe hot flashes, irregular periods, mood swings, crying for no reason, and feeling cold all of the time. I was having irregular bleeding throughout my menstrual cycles, painful cramps, and heavy flow, and I was diagnosed with abnormal cells in my PAP smear. I had headaches, huge sugar cravings, difficulty sleeping, fatigue throughout the day, acne, and aches and pains. As well, I was feeling very forgetful, suffered from ‘foggy thinking’, anxiety, nervousness, depression, and was just feeling stressed.

David tested my hormone levels, and we commenced on a treatment regimen including bio-identical hormones. I was so happy to find that, within a relatively short time, my periods had normalized, my energy had improved to what I consider normal, despite the fact that I am extremely active and work long hours. Pretty much all of my symptoms have improved, including sleeping better, relief from constipation, and feeling balanced emotionally. My concentration has improved, and I don’t have the ‘brain fog’ anymore!

I am so thankful to David, and would recommend him to anyone who is having hormonal challenges.

Lindsey F., age 22

I consulted with David Sloan for a number of difficulties that I have been suffering with since the birth of my second child, which was approximately 13 years ago. I have been plagued by many symptoms: fatigue, hot flashes during the day, feeling cold all of the time, hoarseness, irritability, mood swings, PMS, irregular and missed periods, muscle stiffness, and insomnia.

I discussed BHRT with David and, after testing for my hormone levels, he put me on bio-identicals to balance my hormones. I started to feel extremely well, with many of my symptoms decreasing or going away entirely.

I have been very pleased with how the treatment has gone, and I look forward to continuing this much greater quality of life and health as I continue to work with David.

Maria L., age 46

After the birth of my two children, I was always feeling run-down. Tired to the point of being over-tired/wired and never really getting a good night sleep. I would need multiple coffees just to start my day. I struggled to focus and remember details, which I just thought it was "mommy brain" but it wasn’t going away! My hair was shedding everywhere and my cycles were getting shorter and shorter. I just felt completely drained! It wasn’t until I started experiencing digestive issues along with everything else, that began to realize I needed help. Something was off and although all my bloodwork and tests were coming back normal – I knew I was clearly not feeling normal! I discovered David by fluke while researching online and knew immediately that I needed to call and make an appointment. David went through each and every one of my symptoms and issues with great understanding and concern. And after testing, he was able to finally pinpoint my issue as chronic adrenal fatigue as well as a hormonal imbalance. I was so happy to finally know I wasn’t crazy and there was a legitimate issue that I was dealing with! With David’s help, I was able to understand why this was happening and how I could fix it. David and Jennifer prescribed supplements and bio-identical hormones to help treat my issues and gradually I began to feel like my old self again. I don’t know where I would be right now without the help and knowledge I received at David’s clinic. I sleep so well now that I wake up feeling ready for the day instead of sluggish and tired – coffee is no longer a necessity! My thoughts are more clear, my hair shedding decreased and my digestive issues are under control. It’s a really good feeling to feel good again!!!

Suzanne, age 40

I came in to see David Sloan with some concerns regarding certain health issues including fatigue, migraines, hormonal imbalance, bad PMS and an inability to conceive. It took 4 years for me to get pregnant with our first child who was born in 2007. Then, unfortunately, I had a stillbirth in 2012 and from that time had not been able to get pregnant again. We had been trying for a few years and no luck.

David assessed me, made his recommendations and a month later after I had started his program I discovered I was pregnant! My husband and I were so overjoyed as we had been trying for so long, were getting older and had pretty much given up. My thanks to David for all his help - our little girl is almost 2 years old now!

Jody S, age 40

Dear David, Jennifer and wonderful staff,

We are truly thankful to have met you this past year. It is an indescribable blessing to have hope that I can be well and I thank you for it.

Elizabeth V., age 39

I Wore My Wedding Dress Unaltered for Our 50th Wedding Anniversary!

After fighting the 'battle of the bulge' my entire life, there were two factors that prompted me to join David Sloan's recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Method. The first one being "live" examples after visiting with two special friends who had been through the program and witnessing their tremendous success; and secondly, three pictures of myself that were taken just months previously to joining which revealed the 'whole truth'! Along with hereditary factors on my Mother's side which include heart disease, diabetes and hypertension (I was now on blood pressure meds), now was the time for action!

The personal care and support of Dr Sloan's Weight Loss team is the best ever! After losing 53 lbs (8 lbs the first week), I have renewed energy, a healthier eating style and I dropped from a size 18 to a 6-8 in 5 and 1/2 months!! I was also able to discontinue the blood pressure meds!

The program is easy to follow, providing delicious, easy to prepare meals. Many of the foods are great for an 'on the go' lifestyle in that they are convenient to take along on a busy day.

The most exciting part of this journey was that I wore my wedding dress on our 50th anniversary party unaltered!!

Thank-you Dr Sloan and your dedicated staff for providing a working, healthy alternative!

*Results while following David's recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Program may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.

Nancy J. Oshawa, ON

An Effortless Loss of 35 Lbs!

David and I have worked together as health professionals for many years. I was regretting the fact that I was carrying a bit too much weight when David encouraged me to try his Fat Burning Weight Loss Protocol. I have a very busy healthcare practise myself, and in addition I am an adjunct professor with as many as 750 students. Consequently, I have little time to be processing a diet program and all that it entails. David, however, assured me that despite a very busy, hectic lifestyle, I would find it was very easy to implement into my daily routine.

Well, to my amazement, I started to shed those pounds rapidly, felt really energized, started fitting into my clothes again and surprisingly, I did not have any trouble adding his weight loss program into my busy schedule. In fact, the things I learned and implemented during my weight loss I still enjoy today.

David and his staff put me at ease - I have always been skeptical about weight loss programs, actually, because I recognized without being medically supervised there are risks with losing weight. Many people are not aware of these risks. I appreciated Dr Sloan's careful supervision. I was confident that any health risks would be managed and dealt with in a safe and effective way which they were.

I 'loved' the program's foods and along with my own foods, I was so very pleased with the results. I received many compliments about how good I looked from my own students. Subsequently, I felt confident referring many of my own patients to experience the Fat Burning Weight Loss Method by David. I completed the program by losing 35 lbs a little over 3 years ago and I find that, mostly, I have kept that weight off. I am very impressed with these sustained results. I still need to be responsible with my own healthy eating behaviours, yet, it seems effortless and not a constant struggle. I commend and esteem David for providing this life-changing and life-saving program to our community. 'Kudo's' to you, David!

*Results while following David's recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Program may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.

Ronn Y. Courtice, ON., age 57

I lost over 77 lbs!

At a starting weight of over 240 lbs., I’d tried every diet available. I needed something that would help me to not only lose the excess weight I had, but that would allow me to maintain it long-term.

My weight loss goal seemed insurmountable at first but, in only a few short weeks on the program, the weight loss started. I noticed that I was wearing a smaller pant size, and eventually I got rid of all of my old clothes and bought a brand new wardrobe. I was surprised that I felt well during the whole program – I wasn’t hungry or tired, and had lots of energy. Now that I’ve graduated the program, the knowledge I am coming out with has allowed me to create my own personalized breakfast menus to help me maintain my weight.

Overall, I lost more than 12 inches off my waist, and released over 77 lbs. I’m happy that the Fat Burning Weight Loss Program went so well, and so quickly! By the way, I had the Strawberry Wafers yesterday... excellent! This snack is going to remain my daily treat.

Thanks for everything, couldn't have done it without you guys.

*Results while following David's recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Program may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.

Sylvie P. Oshawa, ON

I released over 60 lbs!

Having struggled off and on with weight issues most of my life, I had tried many times to get myself under control. When a very trusted friend recommended going to see David Sloan, I had to look into it.

Having diabetic parents and a recent blood work result of 7.0, I knew the time had come to act.

My wife and I came to an information meeting and we joined the next week. That was 11 weeks ago... I have since released over 60 lbs. My blood sugar is at a level of 4.6. My bad cholesterol has been cut in half. Mostly, I am impressed with my blood pressure. 110/75 is now the norm. I no longer take a daily regimen of different pills. I am still on one blood pressure pill but under my doctor’s care, I may be pill-free in a few more weeks.

I have never had a such a complete transformation physically, emotionally and mentally. I am clear minded and face life stresses head on.

I am proud of my wife. We have a renewed energy in our marriage. Life is awesome!

Many thanks to David!

*Results while following David Sloan's recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Program may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.

Kent R. Oshawa, ON.

I released 38 lbs. and dropped 3 dress sizes!

What do I think of the Fat Burning Weight Loss Program? "I was never able to follow a diet on my own and found that this method provided me with a structured, simple plan where I could systematically and successfully finally lose some significant weight. This was a plan I could easily follow, without being hungry. People could see the difference as the weight continued to drop. I released 38 lbs. and dropped 3 dress sizes."

*Results while following David Sloan's recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Program may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.

Carol L. Simcoe, ON, age 53

I lost 51 lbs!

"I was referred to see David Sloan about his Weight Loss program through a friend who had been successful on the program. I found Dr. Sloan's Clinic on the Internet."

Why did you go on this program?

"I went on this amazing program because I desperately needed to lose over 50lbs. In talking to David, I found out that I could lose weight more quickly with the Fat Burning Weight Loss program he recommended than other programs, yet in a safe, supervised way."

How did you find actually being on this program?

"It was "easy" and I liked the structure. It was simple to follow and could be incorporated into my daily lifestyle. The foods tasted great and I was pleasantly surprised to have so many food choices rather than just the usual shakes and bars. I liked the coaching aspect and educational training which I found really helpful. Also, I appreciated the individual care and attention and enjoyed the daily video emails."

How do you feel now?

"I was on the verge of weighing 200 lbs and did not feel good about myself mentally, physically or emotionally. I was winded going up stairs, had a hard time tying up my shoes and had difficulty getting in and out of the car...Now I feel completely the opposite! Improved mobility and energy and no more feeling uncomfortable. Going up stairs is not a problem anymore! I can't thank David and his coaches enough. They have always been enthusiastic and dedicated in supporting and ensuring my success."

*Results while following David's recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Program may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.

Lisa C. Courtice, ON., age 46

"Our goal at Sloan Natural Health Center is to inform as many people about the healthcare choices that are available to them. We believe it is critical that the patient plays an active role in their own health care, is an educated consumer, and is willing to make necessary lifestyle changes and attain a new mindset regarding the endless possibilities that natural medicine has to offer. We welcome the opportunity to see you for a consultation, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs".