What a Hot Stone Massage Can Do for You

close up beautiful and healthy woman during a back stone therapy massage in spa salon

You want to get relief from your constant headache. You want to heal from a recent injury. Or maybe you simply want to unwind and relax a bit after a stressful week at work. Whether you’re suffering from one or the other, a session of hot stone massage can be very beneficial.

Hot stone massages have been a part of many cultures – from China to the native Americans. They are used to heal the body and stimulate internal organs. Because hot stone massages can ease your tension, they can be really good for your anxiety and headache.

Hot stone massages are often used as a therapeutic treatment as well as a relaxation massage.. Therapists make use of basalt stones which are warmed in water to provide a truly relaxing experience. A hot stone massage session combines the benefits of a deep tissue massage and the relaxing yet rejuvenating effects of the hot stones.

What does a session of hot stone massage do to your body?

It Improves Blood and Lymph Circulation

When the massage therapist performs Swedish massage style strokes as smooth hot stones are rubbed over your body, the thermal stimulation boosts circulation. This is not just blood circulation but lymph circulation as well. That means your body experiences a holistic healing and detoxification. Hot stones may also be placed on target areas where you feel tension to help increase circulation in that area.

It Eases Anxiety

As the hot stones diffuse heat into your tissues, your body begins to relax. Combined with the massage strokes, the hot stones help you reach a deeply relaxed state, easing restlessness and even anxiety. It can even help provide relief from the tension that is associated with frequent headaches.

It Revives Tired Muscles

In general, massages can help relax tired muscles. With hot-stone massages, your therapist is able to further work your muscles resulting in even more relaxed muscles. The hot stones can help loosen tense muscles and relax and remove those “knots” in your back.

It Helps with the Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

Hot stones massages have also been reported to be helpful with certain sports injuries such as a tennis elbow. Because this targeted heat massage increases circulation and soothes tissues and nerves that are damaged, it can boost healing. Fatigued athletes will also find amazing relief and relaxation during a hot stone massage therapy session.

These are just some of the many benefits of hot stone massages that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you want to try this relaxing modality, you’ll be happy to know that hot stone massages are now available at Sloan Natural Health Center! Call today to book your massage!