Obesity: What’s The Real Score?

We see it almost everywhere – OBESITY IS A NORMAL THING FOR OUR GENERATION. Obese people have outnumbered those who are underweight. The obesity rate among American adults hit 38% - that’s a 3% increase from 2012. Many people consider obesity to be a cosmetic issue, but the health ramifications...

The Benefits of Selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral essential for cognitive function, fertility, and a healthy immune system for both men and women. It is found in a variety of foods – the richest sources being Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, garlic, and organ meats among others. However, the amount in any given food...

Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults

Years ago, colon and rectal cancer usually occurred in people above 50 years old. It is alarming to know that nowadays, anyone can have colorectal cancer. You can be 20, 46, 32 or even 13 years old. In fact, studies show that “the under 50” crowd is the fastest growing...

Should You Vaccinate Your Kids?

You might be wondering why this is even a question, right? To have your kids vaccinated is not a decision you can make alone – it is something that cannot be taken lightly and definitely not because you were pressured to do so. There are potential side effects post-vaccination such...

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