Peppermint Tea for Sharper Memory and More Positive Mood

If you are fond of drinking tea, then you already know of its many relaxing qualities and health benefits, too. Most types of tea aid in reducing heartburn and indigestion as well as raising antioxidant levels. Herbal teas, especially peppermint teas, should definitely be on the list of your usual...

Autoimmune Diseases and What to Watch Out For

Autoimmune diseases, including serious ones like lupus erythematosus and multiple sclerosis, could possibly affect one in every nine women, and one in twelve men. Unfortunately, conventional doctors could offer no hope for patients of autoimmune diseases at the moment.   What exactly are autoimmune diseases? They occur when your immune...

Eating to Lower Your Blood Pressure – Is It Possible?

High blood pressure or hypertension increases the risk of having serious health conditions like a stroke, a heart attack, aneurysm, or kidney disease, among others. Some of the risk factors include obesity, inactivity, smoking, stress, and of course, poor diet.   While conventional doctors prescribe a number of medications to...

How Prolonged Sitting Promotes Chronic Diseases

Did you know that you can suffer from chronic diseases from prolonged sitting? Yes. In fact, evidence shows that the lack of movement or inactivity, particularly sitting for too long is a risk factor for very ill health. That applies even if you consider yourself fit.   There are about...

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