Easy Ways to Shed Pandemic Pounds.

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During the current pandemic, most of us have been stuck at home almost 7 days a week. Being restricted often leads to boredom, and along with watching hours of movies, we find ourselves munching on more snacks. In many cases, these snacks have been unhealthy and we’ve gradually packed on unwanted pounds.

As the season begins to change, now is a great time to make a fresh start and lose the weight. Here are a few simple habits that will bring down the number on your scale.

Stick to a meal routine. Maintain regular meal times and avoid snacking. This routine will help take the guess work out of when to eat. Eating at roughly the same time every day makes it far easier to eat a consistent amount of calories.

Choose healthy fats. Avoid fast foods that contain deep fried options such as french fries. It’s addictive and full of the trans-fats that are linked to a risk of heart disease. Opt for healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado and nuts.

Eat more fruit and veggies. Fruit and vegetables are good for you and filled with vitamins and minerals. They also keep you feeling satisfied and dampen the urge for junk food. Eat 5 to 10 servings of produce every day.

Pack healthy snacks on the go. When you’re out and start feeling hungry it’s easy to be tempted by unhealthy convenience foods. Avoid this by being prepared ahead of time. Before leaving home, pack healthy snacks such as nuts, fruit and veggies, or even a few gluten-free crackers with hummus.

Use Smaller Plates. When using big bowls and plates, our mind tells us to fill them. Make your eating choices easier by choosing small plates. It can make a big difference. You’ll be surprised at how satisfied you can be with smaller portions.

Exercise regularly. A simple task of walking will help you maintain healthy weight. Make walking a part of your daily routine, just like combing your hair. Before you know it, it will become an automatic thing. If you work at a desk all day, be sure to get up and move around at least once an hour.

Drink Wisely. Many people eat healthy foods, but consume too many sugary drinks. It s a source of hidden calores. Cut back or eliminate alcohol, soda, or other beverages with added sugar. When in doubt, water is always best.

Before you eat, think about your feelings. Are you eating because you are hungry, or because you are bored? If you can resist a snack for 5 minutes, that’s enough time to reconsider. During that time, drink a glass of water. Often our hunger signals are actually signs of dehydration, and water will satisfy those feelings.

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