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Q. Why is Sloan Natural Health Center’s recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Method the most-preferred weight loss program available?

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In his practise over the years, David Sloan, DNM has investigated and used a number of weight loss programs with his patients. As statistics show, overweight and obesity has increased significantly in our Western population over the past 20-30 years. Approximately 60% of Canadians are overweight and 33% obese. These are startling figures and the only thing that makes it more startling is that the US is even worse! Overweight and obesity has now surpassed cancer, heart disease and diabetes as our #1 health problem in Canada. In fact, countless studies show that carrying excess weight can actually cause all three major health concerns just mentioned!

Needless to say, having an effective, safe and ‘user-friendly’ weight loss protocol for busy people has been becoming more and more a standard requirement for any health professional in private practise. Ours is no exception and due to the myriad of health challenges that can find their root cause in overweight, it is imperative to have the very best weight loss program possible.

It took about 15 years of trial and error until finally, in 2010, at the recommendation of a colleague, David Sloan, Clinic Director of Sloan Natural Health Center looked into the Fat Burning Weight Loss Method. The program looked very promising on paper but David needed to ‘road-test’ it in his practise. He chose 5 patients to do a trial and got started. What resulted exceeded all his hopes and expectations. Not only did the entire group succeed 100% in their weight loss goals but they did it with ease, comfort and speed. We am proud to say that almost all of them have continued to successfully keep most of that weight off to this day.

We have gone on to guide more than 10,000 dieters to successfully release well over approximately 100,000 lbs of excess weight in fat as of the end of 2021! Sloan Natural Health Center highly recommends that you become one of that illustrious group.

Q. Why should I lose weight with the Fat Burning Weight Loss Method at Sloan Natural Health Center?

All weight loss centers using the Fat Burning Weight Loss Program are not the same – it is not a franchise but a method. David Sloan, DNM takes pride in providing medically-supervised, knowledgeable and skilled care, along with coaching and monitoring that is not necessarily found at others bearing the same name.

Time and time again we have dieters coming in who have been to other Fat Burning Weight Loss Centers and are delighted to see that we carry all the foods and supplements in good supply. They are impressed with the caring, compassionate professionalism, skill and knowledge that David Sloan and his coaches provide. They feel much more confident and secure in the success of their program because they know that it is truly medically-supervised. David Sloan, DNM is always on hand to advise and guide all dieters in any individual challenges they might be having before, during and after they have completed their program. In fact, our Maintenance Plan is designed to provide ongoing support and training after you have reached your weight loss goal to help you keep it off. This is rare indeed in the weight-loss industry!

Q. The Fat Burning Weight Loss Method sounds wonderful but once I lose the weight I am concerned about successfully keeping the weight off. Do you help with that too?

It is true that it is easier to lose weight than to successfully keep it off after it has been released. An unfortunate fact is that most weight loss programs guide you through the weight loss process, but you are totally on your own once you have shed those unwanted pounds. Many people find that left to their own devices, they all-too-often gain that weight back and more besides! To prevent this unfortunate situation, David Sloan’s recommended Fat Burning Weight Loss Method looks at it much differently. Built into your program right from the initial consultation on, we are preparing you to succeed at the losing game for the long term. We approximate the time you will need to reach your goal weight and then we continue for the next year to coach you through Phase 4 or simply the Maintenance period. In this way, we support, guide and direct you to successfully keep your weight off over that year making sure you have developed the skills and habits to keep it off for good. For those that need more time we are flexible and will support you as long as it takes until you and we are satisfied that you are ready to be totally on your own.

Q. I understand that we have to eat protein foods in order to do this program. I don’t like eating packaged foods…do I have to use them?

The Fat Burning Weight Loss Method Weight Loss Method is scientifically designed to work on a very predictable, dependable basis. In our experience this means that 99.5% of all our dieters (approx. 1500 to date) lose weight in the form of fat every week, week after week as long as they follow the program 100%. This means that all facets of the program must be adhered to including the Fat Burning Weight Loss Method protein foods. However, you do not just eat protein foods as they are simply protein servings along which you will provide your own vegetables and greens. For dinner each day you make up a meal entirely with your own source of protein as well as your vegetables. The method’s protein foods are necessary, in fact, critical to the success of the program because while you get a whopping 98% bio-available protein(impossible to achieve in any other protein in the form of meat, eggs, poultry or dairy) it comes with far less calories, fat, carbs and cholesterol than the above-mentioned sources of protein. This allows you to consume adequate or ‘ideal’ protein to preserve lean muscle mass and burn fat.

Our method’s foods taste great! Most weight loss programs provide mainly shakes and bars whereas our program has well over 60 delicious protein foods including breakfast and lunch entrees, soups, drinks, shakes, bars, puddings, crunchy snacks and treats. There are foods here that everyone will love and you will be much less likely to get tired of eating them as opposed to having just bars or shakes.

Q. Why do you use the term ‘weight-release’ from time to time?

We know from studies in psychology that if something is lost, the mind automatically will seek ways in which to find it again. When we ‘lose’ weight, we naturally go looking to find what we ‘lost’. Of course, when we lose weight we don’t want to find it again! Using the term ‘weight-release’ instead of ‘weight loss’ doesn’t trigger that instinctive mechanism.

Q.  Is your Fat Burning Weight Loss Method affordable?

Our Fat Burning Weight Loss Method is competitively priced compared to other weight loss programs on the market. Price points change, but compared to most, if not all current pricing, but it comes in at less cost and in some cases, significantly so.

Remember, you are eating our program’s protein foods as well as your own foods each day. You are simply re-directing some of your grocery money to purchase food from the Fat Burning Weight Loss Method store as opposed to your grocery store. This of course results in a roughly even trade and net cost remains just a little higher on this program. In addition, you will be cutting out a lot of foods and beverages that you would normally be spending money on while going through the phases. Examples would be packaged snack foods, cakes, pies, cookies, muffins, doughnuts, etc., etc. alcohol, hot chocolate, soft drinks, and other carbonated beverages, fruit juice and other sweet drinks will not be consumed. You are allowed one black coffee a day or with an ounce of regular milk. Many people spend money at the local coffee shop buying one or more coffees along with any number of treats pretty much everyday. These will not be purchased during the program. Eating at restaurants and fast food outlets is allowed but with limited food choices. This effectively eliminates, for the most part, the most expensive parts of the meal such as, shakes, fries, treats, desserts, and alcoholic beverages. For those concerned about cost, we ask that they take an inventory of what they spend on all these extra’s. Invariably they see that they are often spending more money weekly than they would be on our recommended program. I remember one patient who before starting our diet normally drank a bottle of expensive wine every week. While on the Fat Burning Weight Loss Method and not drinking the wine (and all the other extra items she would purchase), found she was actually making money!

Once you have reached your weight loss goal, you proceed to Phase Two and then Phase Three where you will be eating less and less protein food servings. In Phase Four or Maintenance you will be eating a balanced diet of all your own foods and if you choose, maybe a snack or a breakfast meal replacement shake for those who are in a rush in the morning but want a good, solid nutritional start to the day. The cost of our Maintenance Plan is a nominal fee for each checkup or you may choose to save money by purchasing a one year membership.

Q. What is the glycemic index?

Click on this link to learn what the glycemic index and glycemic load means and a chart to help you choose lower glycemic carbohydrate foods on the glycemic index:

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