Help for Post-Summer Weight Loss

Summer days have been fun and carefree while we enjoyed time with friends and family and indulged in tasty treats. Typically, it’s a time when we splurge on goodies such as ice cream and fast food. But now fall is upon us and it’s time to get back into our routines and re-establish good habits for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s important that we get back on track to maintain optimal health and keep our weight under control. We’ll be more effective at post-summer weight loss if we adopt a natural and gradual approach to take off the weight and keep it off. Weight management helps to keep diseases at bay and ensure that we have the energy we need to be present for work, family life and managing a busy schedule.

At Sloan Natural Health Center we help and support our clients through their weight loss journey in a natural, holistic way. If you are suffering from heartburn, high blood pressure, poor sleep and joint pain, it may be related to excess weight.

Our program is different than most because we focus on the good things you CAN eat, while not feeling deprived about the foods that you should avoid. Many of our patients experience rapid weight loss that burns fat and not muscle. You will lose weight under medical supervision and benefit from individualized coaching and support from a registered health practitioner. Best of all, we help you to be successful by offering guidance on how to adopt good habits in order to stay at your ideal weight in order to look and feel better for a lifetime!

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