Nutrition for Mental Health Whitby

What Is Nutrition for Mental Health in Whitby?

Sloan Natural Health Center helps patients with natural nutrition for mental health in Whiby. For some years now, David Sloan DNM, who holds a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, has become quite skilled at providing herbal, homeopathic, amino acid therapy and micronutrient support for patients with many diverse mental health issues. These range from anxiety, worry and panic attacks, depression, irritability and anger, grieving, ADD and ADHD, to Bipolar I and II, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The results have been extremely rewarding as a very high percentage of patients respond remarkably well and feel so much better. Many state that they have a new lease on life, living symptom-free and often medication-free.

Who can it benefit?

David will tailor your program according to your specific needs. This therapy is very versatile and safe for all ages, even for young children.

How does it help?

Natural approaches to mental and emotional disorders work to get to the cause and help to bring into equilibrium nutritional, hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain caused:

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Mental Health Treatment Plan or Example

At your initial consultation and after a thorough case history, David will discuss with you what the best treatment options are. Depending on the severity of your situation will determine the frequency of visits and what type of treatment will suit best – whether it is a homeopathic preparation, or the vitamin/mineral/amino acid orthomolecular approach or a herb or herbal combination or a combination of two or more.

What is cost of this treatment?

Initial Consultation: $160 1hr
Follow-up: $85 for ½ hr


"After a year of suffering from ‘foggy brain’, forgetfulness, migraines and sleep issues I contacted him. He was extremely understanding, knowledgeable and helpful. He takes the time to review and test you holistically to ensure he’s making the right choices for you. He also talks about the importance of a healthy diet to promote a functional immune system. I was given bioidentical hormones along with some targeted supplements, along with a hormone balancing diet and lifestyle recommendations. Within a couple of weeks I was feeling like my old self again, had lots of clarity, and sleeping like a baby! Making the appointment with him was the best thing I ever did for myself, and I highly recommend David!"
Pamela N - Age 54
"I had the menopause blues with a lot of complications. Dr. Sloan and his team have me feeling so much better. I have energy, I am less moody and my memory is much better. I would recommend him to anyone needing help."
"I was sleep deprived for the last 4 years, and had no idea whether it was menopausal-based, hormonal or what. I had ALL bad days because of that lack of sleep. A friend of a friend mentioned Dr. Sloan to me. The people here are really supportive and caring. Even though I still get a bad day every once in a while, I am happy to have GOOD days now."

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