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Hair tonic – you have probably heard of it from your dad or your grandfather. A few decades ago, hair tonic was considered the most popular hair product, especially for men.  Back in the day, sleek “just-combed” look was trendy and hair tonic can deliver that. Hair tonic contains oil that keeps the hair in place and make it look healthier. Some brands even claimed to be effective in reversing baldness and making hair ticker.

Fast forward to today. Hair tonic is becoming a “thing” again – not only because traditional grooming and barbering methods are trendy again but because people still suffer from hair loss and are still looking for ways to address it. One example of hair tonic for hair loss that you can find today is Lily Hair Tonic.

How does it work?

Lilly Hair Tonic invigorates and promotes blood circulation, as well as eliminates blood stasis. It also helps balance the male hormones and also stimulates the growth of hair follicle receptor. It does all these by warming the canals and sub-channels which allow the delivery of vital energy that nourishes blood circulation and promotes palliation. It also maintains the scalp in a consistent optimal growth condition.

What does Lily Hair Tonic contain?

Lily Hair Tonic has several potent ingredients that make it really effective. Every bottle of Lily Hair Tonic contains Dictamnus Dasycarpus which promotes circulation and stops itching and eczema, Drynaria Fortunei which also helps with circulation, and Angelica Sinensis and Cordyceps Sinensis which help balance hormones. It also has Polygonum Multiflorum Thunb which nourishes the blood and helps with hair loss and graying hair and Panax Ginseng which replenishes chi and promotes circulation, too.

How is Lily Hair Tonic applied?

Before using Lily Hair Tonic, you should first apply a hot and damp towel as hot compress on the affected area. Wait for a few minutes and evenly apply the tonic over the areas of the scalp where it is needed. You can apply twice daily or more frequently if you are addressing a more serious case.

Hair loss and thinning hair, while generally harmless, can affect your quality of life. If you are worried about hair loss and you think there might be an underlying cause, you can visit Sloan Natural Health Center for a consultation.

Do you need more information on hair loss? Are you wondering why your hair is falling out? Check out our next post and find the answer!

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