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Our theme for this blog post addresses weight gain, which almost always accompanies the Christmas and New Year’s season. In addition, the lockdowns, incessant fear-mongering of governments and media, the shuttering of most businesses with its financial losses for countless individuals, not to mention severe mental and emotional trauma, has created even more weight gain for many of us.

Be assured, we at Sloan Natural Health Center are here to help! Our medically supervised, muscle-sparing, fat-burning Ideal Protein protocol has helped thousands in our clinics over the past eleven years we have been conducting our program.

To help overcome the mental and emotional effects, of this crisis we are in, we now have three wonderful Psychotherapists (Qualifying) who are well-equipped to serve you. For the tension, sore muscles, and stress, we are excited to introduce to you three RMT’s (Reg. Massage Therapists) who are doing a great job!

What has been happening since March of 2020 has certainly been a very difficult time for the majority of Canadians as well as people all over the world. I would like to share some of my observations and realize that some of you may not agree with me, but I just ask that you keep an open mind and ask yourself if what I am saying doesn’t have just a shred of truth.

There is indeed an illness that has swept the globe. Call it what you will, I call it the Wuhan Flu because that is where it originated. Most people who have got it have recovered, however, some have succumbed to it, which is very sad. Whether this scourge was purposely perpetrated or by some accident, it hasn’t been determined yet. Still, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a worldwide outbreak was being planned for, and in 2017 even Dr. Fauci stated on record that there would likely be a pandemic at some point during President Trump’s term of office.

The question I raise is, are we still in a medical pandemic? From observing charts of cases and deaths, we were in a medical pandemic here in Ontario from mid-March until the end of April 2020 (see chart below). Since then, the numbers report a very low death rate, despite the cries from the government and media of more and more ‘cases.’ We can safely say that we have not been in a medical pandemic here in Canada since May – fully eight months ago!

I think we are suffering not from a medical pandemic but a ‘political pandemic’ where government overreach worldwide has made this Wuhan flu an excuse to bring down draconian measures of control that has made the treatment worse than the disease itself.

In all my career as a health professional (over 41 years now), I have never seen anything like this. Instead of keeping the sick quarantined, and the healthy free to go about their lives, the healthy are now also treated like the sick, as virtual prisoners in their own homes, unable to associate, go to  church (this is deemed non-essential while liquor and cannabis stores are open), travel or just be free.

This is so bizarre and apparently, the Swedish and Taiwan governments agree with me because they only partially locked down (sheltering the vulnerable and the aged), and their stats were no worse than some countries and better than others. To make matters worse, a study of 10 million asymptomatic Chinese showed that the Wuhan flu is not transmissible if you are free of symptoms.

I have to think that sinking our economy, destroying small and medium-sized businesses is tragic to our country, where the greatest part of our economy depends on these businesses.  There are more deaths from mental illness, postponed medical treatment, and surgery than the Wuhan flu itself. In fact, has anybody thought to look at how many deaths annually come from pneumonia or motor vehicle accidents, or other causes? You might be surprised to see that the Wuhan flu is way down the list!

Domestic abuse, divorce, and family strife is skyrocketing, not to mention suicide, which is up roughly 600%, yet the all-age survival rate from this flu is roughly over 99.3% or equivalent to the numbers we would see with a slightly worse seasonal flu. And then we have a Prime Minister who says we can’t get back to normal until we have a vaccine, which, by the way, has been rushed, is experimental, and not been proven to be safe. 

I want to finish off by asking some pressing questions. Is this what you want for your country Canada, the ‘true north, strong and free’? Are all these restrictions, which are violations of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms what you see for yourself and your family for years to come? Do you want the government to sweep away your right to informed choice and force you and your children to have experimental vaccines against your will? Do you want to accept the fact that your opinions and the freedom to voice them are censored, disallowed, or removed if they disagree with the party-line narrative?

I urge you not to just think about these things but to take action by voicing your concerns to your local municipal, provincial, and federal elected officials as well as social media platforms. If you are censored, find other platforms that are emerging that allow for freedom of speech. The very fact that I am pointing out these anomalies may be the last newsletter I can send you through Mailchimp because they won’t like what I have to say! And I am just getting started!

You know that as a natural doctor, I have stressed to you the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, eating a clean plant-based diet, getting adequate rest, and taking specific supplements to keep a strong immune system. These are the methods that God gave us, and to these truths, I direct your attention. In these, may you find resiliency, quality, and life-giving freedom to prevent disease and enjoy abundant health.

Blessings and Vibrant Health and Life,


References provided upon request.

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