Treating C-Virus Naturally

Anyone paying attention to the news today is very aware of the C-Virus, also known as COVID-19, that began in China late December, 2019 and has made its way now into numerous countries. The virus has spread largely via travellers returning from infected populations.

It seems to be more contagious than originally thought. Common sense measures have been implemented such as frequent hand-washing, facemasks, and quarantine of exposed and infected individuals.

The NY Times  however recently reported that the surgeon general is urging the public to stop buying masks because it won’t help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and it will make them scarce for health care professionals who really need them. While occasional use of antibacterial hand cream is okay, constant use can adversely affect your own immunity to pathogens. 

Many have been wondering if there is anything more they can do to prevent and even treat this new viral strain effectively. The answer is yes and you can do it safely with natural remedies.

To prevent any respiratory or gastrointestinal illness, our best defense is a strong immune system. A strong immune system is fortified by the four Columns of Health (COH) which form the foundation of abundant health – Diet, Activity, Sleep and Supplementation.

Eating a clean, plant-based diet, drinking adequate water, limiting the consumption of alcohol, caffeinated beverages, sugar, sweets, desserts, etc., and avoiding mucus-forming foods is one of the most important Columns of Health. Getting a variety of fresh, raw, cooked and stir-fried vegetables and fresh fruit daily is a key component.

Getting out in the fresh air, deep-breathing and filling your lungs, moving and getting the blood flowing is your second COH. Be as active as you can be and creative about how you can be active!

Adequate sleep means 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Your immune-system and your resistance to infection will plummet with inadequate rest. It also includes periods of rest from work and stress, which can drain your resistance.

The fourth COH is supplementation which is another valuable component to prevention in addition to treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. 

Our main weapon in the fight against the C virus is large doses of Vitamin C. For prevention, I recommend 4,000 mg in 2 divided doses over the day. For treatment, doses may range from 12,000 to 24,000 mg per day.

When we are using higher doses daily like this there are a few important considerations. One is to use a Vitamin C powder to cut down on cost and the amount of pills you need to swallow. One teaspoon of Vitamin C ascorbic acid typically contains 4,000 mg of Vitamin C which can easily be added to water or water flavoured with a little juice. You can also mix it into a smoothie or protein shake.

Take 2,000 mgs every hour up to bowel tolerance. When you have more Vitamin C than you need your stools will become too loose. Cut down on the dose just enough to stop the loose stool and you will have the perfect dose.

The third consideration when taking high doses of Vitamin C is to take a buffered Vitamin C. I recommend a Vitamin C powder buffered with calcium which takes the acid down and is much gentler on your stomach.

The final factor to consider if you are infected is to have Vitamin C administered intravenously while supplementing with extra orally. You will need to find someone who is qualified to do this.

High dose Vitamin C has been proven since the late 1940’s by prominent doctors and researchers to be tremendously effective in treating any virus. Drs. Frederick Klenner, Linus Pauling, Robert Cathcart, and Andrew Saul to name a few, have all done notable work in this area. Dr. Cathcart who had extensive experience treating viral diseases remarked, “I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of Vitamin C.” (Gifford-Jones: “People are Dying Needlessly of Coronavirus “ Syndicated Column) A virus in the body causes oxidative stress and Vit C, being a powerful anti-oxidant counteracts the oxidation extremely well.

Presently, a Chinese MD, Dr. Richard Cheng is treating COVID-19 with IV mega doses of Vit. C with great success. The Chinese government in Shanghai has very recently endorsed using oral and IV Vit C for treatment of the C-virus there as well. This is a momentous step in recognizing the remarkable value of megadose intravenous Vitamin C therapy for viruses.

In addition to Vit. C, I use liquid silver which has not only potent anti-viral properties but anti-bacterial, parasitical and fungal destroying capabilities. Dosage depends on age and should be administered every two hours or so.

Quercetin has been showing excellent results as well as Andrographis for viral infections.  Zinc either in liquid or tablet form has anti-viral benefits and dosage will depend on degree of deficiency. I test for that level of deficiency in my clinic. If not sure, an adult can safely take between 20 to 30 mg daily.

Selenium and healthy doses of Vit D3 have been shown to be effective in viral and immunocompromised individuals.

Finally, I recommend the addition of St. John’s Wort with its’ proven anti-viral properties. The liquid tincture is my preference and adult dose should be 20 drops 3 to 4 times a day.

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Disclaimer: When experiencing any symptoms of illness, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a registered and competent health care practitioner.

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