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Daily Cleansing Tea is touted as ‘North America’s Top Selling Whole Body Detox Cleanse’ and contains no stimulants, caffeine, cascara, or senna. It is an organic formulation that encourages full-body and digestive tract cleansing. Each tea bag contains a specially formulated combination of premium quality, all-natural organic herbs including blessed thistle, milk thistle, malva, persimmon, marshmallow leaves.

Most people avoid typical detoxes because they worry about bowel urgency – that they will constantly be running to the bathroom. This tea works on a deeper level, purifying all of the body’s tissues and organs. Starting in your large intestine, it addresses toxins in the body and also helps to prevent toxic buildup. This tea has also been infused with vibrational frequencies for added health benefits. Regular use of this product can help relieve aches and pains, increase energy and sexual drive, and help those looking to lose weight.

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