Get Ready for Swimsuit Weather


As warmer temperatures approach, many of us are starting to pull out those summer clothes, including swimsuits. Along with the change in seasons comes the worry that after all these months, we may not fit into our clothes from last year. While it may be a challenge, there are some easy things you can do to trim down and get beach-body ready!

Not to worry – these simple habits don’t require extreme deprivation or punishing fitness routines. Just some tweaks to your daily routine that will result in a more comfortable feeling and greater energy overall.

Eat protein with every meal. Protein is not only good for increasing muscle mass, but it also contributes to fat loss. People who consume protein throughout the day tend to see better weight loss results than those who don’t. Protein can be found in a wide variety of vegan foods, such as lentils, chickpeas, almonds, quinoa and spirulina.

Avoid snacking. Each time we have a snack, that food energy – if not needed – gets converted to sugar and stored as fat. It effectively overloads our bodies with calories we don’t use and they keep accumulating. Instead, have a balanced and filling meal three times a day so that you will remain full and not be tempted to munch in between.

Eliminate foods that cause bloating. Packaged foods that have high sodium can cause water retention and increase the appearance of puffiness, especially on your face and tummy. Your body struggles to neutralize the sodium by retaining water, thus the bloating. Drink plenty of water to flush your system and reduce the bloating, and stay away from salty snacks. To prevent water retention, eat high-potassium fruits like bananas, avocados, kiwis and oranges. The best veggies for reducing bloat are asparagus and cucumbers.

Make exercise a daily habit. There are certain things we do every day as a part of our routine, such as brushing our teeth or combing our hair. These things are typically done at the same time each day and have become habits that we do automatically. Include a short morning walk or bicycle ride to that routine and before you know it, you’ll be doing it every day without question. Getting your body moving in the morning will give your metabolism a boost, and stimulate more energy to get your day started.

Choose standing instead of sitting. Set up your desk so that you can work on your computer while standing. Why not try standing while watching TV or talking on the phone? Did you know that you can burn up to twice the number of calories by standing, versus sitting? What a great way to boost your metabolism without even trying!

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