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Letter to Patients about CV-19

To my wonderful Patients,

Are you afraid of catching the virus? Worried about a second wave? Hating the wearing of masks and “unsocial” distancing? Missing out on important events like weddings, graduations and funerals because of the lockdown? Wondering if a vaccine may do more harm than good? Are you like me and tired of hearing negative news about CV-19 every single day? Is it possible that this so-called pandemic is actually a ‘scamdemic’? Have we been manipulated into believing in and fearing something that is basically just a bad flu season?

I wish to share with you the truth of what is going on. I want you to see the other side of the story from a medical professional like myself and others who are stepping out and saying that this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion.

If it were just about the miscalculation of early pandemic models or the government initially overreacting and then course-correcting, that would be one thing. However, it’s now September and the governments and their public health departments guided by the WHO, CDC, ‘Depopulator’ Bill Gates and Big Pharma and other left-wing billionaires are bearing down more and more rather than less and less. This is now NOT a matter of health or even science but a political control, power and money play. Our most precious constitutional rights and freedoms are being stripped away.

Mainstream media(MSM) is continuously pouring out negative news, stirring up strong emotions like fear, anxiety and hysteria by focusing only on the number of new daily cases and deaths, the enforcing of mandatory masking, social distancing and the narrative that this will not change until we get a vaccine. When this plays upon the minds of the general population every time they turn on the news, listen to the radio, read a magazine, newspaper or do anything online, the brainwashing effect of fear is so powerful that it is almost impossible to overcome.

The success of Joseph Goebbels, who was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933-45 is a perfect example of this. When someone wonders about how the German people could be led to believe and support one of the most evil and murderous regimes in history, look no further than Goebbels and his propaganda machine through the press and radio. Imagine how much more powerful that is today with so many more ways to reach people.

My advice to those who are willing to listen – turn off MSM radio and stop reading their newspapers – at least when it has anything to do with CV-19. Instead, turn to independent journalists who simply want to report on the truth. Some good ones: Technocracy News; Greenmedinfo; G.Edward Griffin; Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson TV; NaturalHealth365; Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr of Children’s Health Defense are good for starters – there are many more! Thousands upon thousands of people, already outraged by being misled by their governments are taking to the streets in peaceful, non-violent protests all over the world.(these are barely even reported in MSM so I will mention a few) e.g., Berlin (reports vary from over 1 million to 3 million people at numerous protests), London, Montreal, Ottawa, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver, and more. Join them locally, if you can. It’s a matter of your health and your freedoms which will disappear if we don’t wake up and let those in government know that enough is enough.

If that weren’t bad enough, censoring of highly qualified scientists, professors, epidemiologists, virologists, medical doctors, ministers and journalists etc who question the narrative is taking place on an unprecedented scale on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, as well as MSM. This alone is enough to tell the critical thinker that there is “something rotten in the state of Denmark!”

A good friend of mine, Ted Kuntz, President of Vaccine Choice Canada (the place to go for great information on all aspects of vaccinations) has recently written an excellent report, which articulates very clearly the main issues that should concern all of us. Please go to https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/in-the-news/vcc-invites-elected-to-consider-the-evidence/.

You will find that it is fully referenced and is backed by solid research and science.

You will find it is written up as a letter to send off to your MP, MPP, Mayor, Town Counsellor etc. to make them aware of the facts…and that you will not support this agenda of manipulation.

Sincerely yours,
David W. Sloan, Ph. D., DNM, NNCP, RNT

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