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Increase Your Energy as Spring Arrives

After a long dark Canadian winter, spring has finally arrived! The new season brings a milder climate, more daylight hours and increased energy for our daily routines. We encourage you to take advantage of all that spring has to offer in order to optimize your health physically and mentally. These are a few of the health benefits you can enjoy as a result of the milder days ahead.

Daylight Saving Time happens in March and as we push our clocks forward one hour, it gives us additional natural light each evening. Take advantage of this extra time to go out for a walk, especially on sunny days when you can soak up some Vitamin D. The extra daylight is also good for your mental health because it extends your natural waking hours, also known as your circadian rhythms. Get the most benefit by staying near a window if you are indoors.

Fresh air is very important for good health. It improves the function of your lungs and relieves sinus pressure. While trapped indoors during the winter, we often have a dry nose and throat due to heating systems. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s a great time to go out for a walk in nature and inhale fresh, clean air.

Get some new plants for your home and office. Many garden centres and grocery stores sell plants at this time of year and they are a great way to naturally purify the air we breathe indoors. Select from a variety of plants that are visually appealing and also emit oxygen. Some of the most popular ones include Spider Plants, Aloe Vera and English Ivy.

Buy fresh, seasonal food. During winter we tend to favour comfort foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates. While these foods warm us during cold months, they add too much sugar and starch to our bodies. Now is the time to switch to more fresh produce and you will see several delicious options available as supply increases. Look for things such as asparagus, berries, green peas and Rhubarb.

Enjoy the brighter and warmer days ahead and always put your heath first!

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