Teens and Nutrition

As kids grow, their bodies need certain nutrients to ensure that the systems are running optimally and their brains are developing the way they should. When they are younger, parents have the opportunity to ensure they are eating the right foods so they can grow up healthy and strong. As teens, parents still have an opportunity to get the right foods for their kids, but they may not have as much say.

Most teens have incredibly busy lives. With school, other activities (including sports), and an active social life, teens may be spending less time at home. They still need to eat, but it may be more convenient for them to grab something on the go, which could mean they aren’t getting the nutrition they need to develop a healthy body and help their brain grow.


Feed the Brain

Since a teen’s brain is still developing, and this is an important time during that growth, they need to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition. This includes having three meals a day, along with two healthy snacks. Some of the most important aspects of the teen’s meal should include the following:

Protein. On average, teens will need 45 to 50 grams of protein every day. This can come from fish, dairy, or meat. If they are vegetarian, they may need to increase how much soy, nuts, or beans they eat.

CaloriesTeens need a lot of calories to help them get through their day alert and feeling good. It is recommended that boys get around 2,800 calories per day, while girls need 2,200. This can depend on other factors, such as activity level, so talking to a professional to know how many they should have will be beneficial.


The Benefits of Proper Nutrition

If a teen doesn’t eat properly, this can lead to irritability, depression, eating disorders, or obesity. All of these can have detrimental impacts on a teen’s body and mind. To reduce the risk of these occurring, getting enough food is important. In addition, it’s also imperative that a teen gets enough rest and stays hydrated throughout the day.

Getting the right nutrition is important. At Sloan Natural Health Center, they have experts who can help ensure that teens (or anyone!) is getting the nutrition they need. Contact them today to get on the road the health.

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