Is Breast Cancer More Aggressive in Obese Women?

Did you know that obese women are at a higher risk for breast cancer?

A recent study examined obese rats that suffer from breast cancer and the researchers found some important insights. For one, the tumour cells in the rats had especially sensitive androgen receptors than those found in leaner rats. This led those cells to amplify growth signals from testosterone. The growth of the tumours of the obese rats is mainly due to androgen receptor activity.

Women who deal with obesity usually show aggressive growth of tumour even after undergoing anti-estrogen treatment.

Because rats don’t have similar mechanism regarding estrogen production from fat tissue to humans, researchers saw this as the perfect opportunity to evaluate the progression of cancer following an anti-estrogen treatment.

They were able to get a glimpse of what could be driving tumour progression in obese women with low estrogen. Given that 75% of breast cancers are estrogen-receptor positive, they are often treated with anti-estrogen therapy.

Androgen receptors and testosterone are known to be prostate cancer drivers. A number of studies indicate that androgen may be the “driving force” in most types of breast cancer.

So what creates overactive androgen receptors? What makes them more sensitive to testosterone? The answer depends on the specific state of health of the individual. Some causes include chronic low-grade inflammation in the body, high blood sugar, and insulin resistance.

Obesity leads to high inflammation, which is linked with elevated IL-6 (interleukin) levels. This is a cytokine that is associated with high levels of inflammation. It sensitizes androgen receptors and also amplifies signals that drive the spread and growth of breast cancer, even if the internal environment has low estrogen.

The data also underscores how crucial maintaining a healthy weight is in the lowering of one’s risk of developing cancer. It is important that you avoid sugar and processed foods. A regular routine of aerobic exercises and strength training is also a must.

A meta-analysis study involving 1.44 million participants showed that regular exercise can lower the risk of developing 13 types of cancer. In truth, even something as simple as 20 minutes of brisk walking every day can make a huge difference to one’s overall health.

The time to take care of your excess weight and ultimately your health is now! This is one of the best ways to gear up against cancer and other diseases. If you are ready to take control of your health, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Sloan Natural Health Center. We’ll help you achieve your weight loss goals in a simple yet extremely successful way!

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