Why Goji is Gaining Popularity in the Food Industry

With all the different kinds of food available to you at the super market or even the farmer’s market, you may not feel like you need to think much about what you put in that grocery basket. But that may also mean that you are missing out on some really beneficial foods. One of these beneficial foods is   Goji .


So what is Goji?

Goji berries are the fruits of the goji shrub. It is part of the nightshade family along with peppers and tomatoes. An interesting fact is that these berries contain all 8 essential amino acids. Just eating 4 ounces gives you almost 10 percent of your daily protein needs. For fruit, this is a surprising amount of protein.


For thousands of years, goji berries have been known in Asia to restore lost fluids, rejuvenate the skin, repair muscles, and offer protection against illnesses. In fact, they are often mentioned in ancient medicine books in China. They were hailed as the berry that promoted longevity.


This great reputation of the goji berries has finally reached other countries. And now, there are scientific studies that confirm those health benefits. Some of those include:


  1. Goji is said to help increase testosterone levels. If you are affected by erectile dysfunction, then adding these berries to your diet can be very beneficial to you.
  2. Goji berries contain an antioxidant called zeaxanthin which is known to help keep your vision healthy. One study showed those who regularly eat goji berries had less hypopigmentation too.
  3. According to a study published in Life Sciences, goji contains some anticancer benefits. Goji berry extracts have been tested on cancer cells and the result showed that they can induce apoptosis on the cancer cells and stop them from spreading further quite effectively.
  4. Because goji berries also have hypoglycemic properties, they can also be beneficial to diabetic patients. They may be a great alternative to pharmaceutical products that are taken to control blood sugar levels safely.


So How Can You Enjoy Goji Berries?

Goji berries can be added to most salads and soups. Of course, you may also choose to consume them as your beverage by making goji juice, a smoothie, or even tea. You can use goji berries in place of raisins for your baked goods, cookies, dishes like Turkish pilaf, and oatmeal, among others.


With the many benefits of goji berries, it is not surprising that they are now considered a superfood. So the next time you go food shopping, don’t forget to look for goji berries!


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