Losing Weight After Childbirth

Young mother in sportswear measuring her waist worried about her weight after the child birth sitting with her baby son during the exercise

Every woman, no matter the age, wants a fit and healthy body. However, many women have a hard time losing weight. In fact, there are lots of women out there who would admit that losing weight is among their lifelong struggles. There is also a particular period in most women’s lives when packing on a few pounds is inevitable – pregnancy.


Many pregnant women find it challenging to maintain the active lifestyle that they used to enjoy. Others are even advised by their doctors to avoid any rigorous physical activity. That’s why pregnant women are reminded that if they want to return to the body weight and shape they had before they got pregnant, it’s important that they not gain more than the acceptable norm for pregnancy.


To understand this better, let’s talk about what is considered normal weight gain during pregnancy. A newborn baby usually weighs between six to eight pounds. The amniotic fluid is about two to four pounds, while the placenta weighs two to three pounds. The increase in blood volume during pregnancy is usually around three to four pounds and the enlarged mammary glands and uterus are about three pounds. When you add all that up, the adequate weight gain during pregnancy amounts to 22 to 26 pounds!


Once you give birth, those extra pounds should disappear as well. But what if you have gained more weight than what is considered the norm? How do you lose weight and get your pre-baby body back?


Breastfeeding Helps

Breastfeeding, especially in the first few months after childbirth, can greatly help you lose the extra weight you gained during pregnancy. Your body needs to use about 500 kcal each day to be able to produce milk. That amount of calories can come from stored fat or the food that you consume. If you eat excessively during your breastfeeding period, it is unlikely that you’ll lose weight. Remember to eat just the right amount and of course, go for healthier food options so the quality of your milk will be better, too.


An Active Lifestyle is Important

Many new mothers feel that their daily routine with the baby and the endless chores leave them no time to do other activities. But you don’t have to leave your baby to someone else’s care to stay active. One of the best exercises that you can do with the baby is walking around the neighborhood! You can push your little one in a stroller. Better yet, you can try carrying your baby in a wrap or sling. This can help strengthen your abdominal and spinal muscles because of your baby’s increasing weight. After your postpartum recovery period, you may choose to go to the gym. It is understandable that you would just want to get some shut-eye when the baby is resting but staying active will also give you the energy you need to take care of your baby and do all the things you need to do.


Comfort Food is Not Good

You’re exhausted, sleep-deprived, irritable, and perhaps even frustrated with your appearance at times. It’s very easy to find joy in comfort food – ice cream, sweets, and more! However, while these may make you happy for a few minutes, you’re probably going to regret eating them later on. Why not try sports or dancing if you’re feeling down? Of course, the support of your loved ones can help a lot, too.


What if You Still Can’t Lose Weight?

Sometimes, even if a woman does everything she can, she just doesn’t lose weight after childbirth. One of the reasons is that subcutaneous fat is what “fuels” estrogen which is a hormone that helps accumulate fat. So the more fat tissue there is in your body, the more estrogen is produced, and every calorie intake is deposited as fat.


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