Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

The sun is a beautiful thing that is essential for all life to exist, including us. While it provides us with light and warmth, it also provides us with the extremely valuable Vitamin D. While the doctor-recommended daily dosage of Vitamin D seems to change every couple years, the one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that this vitamin is extremely important in maintaining our health.


In Canada, the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin D is 1,000 international units (IU). Most of us aren’t aware of how much Vitamin D we are getting, and if it isn’t enough then some serious deficiency symptoms can occur. Here’s how you can tell if you aren’t getting enough of the sunshine vitamin.


Meals and Melatonin

One of the biggest indicators of how much Vitamin D you need to be getting is how much melatonin is in your skin. Generally speaking, the darker the skin means the more Vitamin D that is required to get the optimal results. Another big aspect of your vitamin requirements is the diet that you consume. If you follow a vegan diet or tend to stay away from fish, yolks, and fortified dairies or grains, then you likely aren’t getting enough Vitamin D.


Deficiency Symptoms

By having a lack of Vitamin D, you can be at much greater risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma (especially in children), cognitive impairment in elderly adults, and a greater risk of contracting the dreaded cancer. Some of the other most common consequences of Vitamin D deficiency are mental health issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). All of these symptoms can have very adverse effects on your personal health and even lead to deadly consequences.


Preventing Symptoms

The easiest way to prevent these symptoms is to take an oral drop of Vitamin D3. This easily absorbable liquid is designed to take effect in the intestinal tract and leaves a fresh minty trail to make it a very pleasant experience.

By taking only one drop of D3 you can absorb your entire daily recommended dose of 1,000 IU of Vitamin D. Its liquid form makes it ideal for kids or any adults who aren’t comfortable swallowing pills, and comes as a very cost-effective way of ensuring your mental, cognitive, and digestive health are being maintained. Start getting your required dose of Vitamin D today.

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