5 Long-Term Impacts of Sleep Deprivation

It can be easy to get caught up in the businesses of life. Working long hours, keeping up with cleaning and maintenance duties around the house, trying to pack in fun activities with friends and family – all these life pursuits can add up and make it hard to get a restful night of sleep.

But there are also times when life is not overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, and yet it is still hard to fall asleep. Many people find it hard to fall asleep, without suffering from insomnia.

There is no denying that the consequences of living a sleep-deprived life are varied and significant. If you find yourself staring at the ceiling every night trying to count the sheep, try our Sleep Support Spray, an all-natural melatonin and complex nutrient spray that helps your brain relax and drift into a deep sleep. Without adequate attention and self-care, you expose yourself to some of these long-term impacts of sleep deprivation:

High Blood Pressure. When the body is asked to work overtime, it is unable to regenerate and regulate itself as it normally would. High blood pressure is the result of stress hormones accumulating that the body was unable to regulate during sleeping hours.

Weight Gain. Sleep deprivation alters natural hormonal levels in the body. For example, leptin, the hormone that suppresses appetite, is reduced when you don’t get enough sleep. This is compounded by a surge in the amount of ghrelin in the body of a sleep-deprived person, and ghrelin is a hormone that triggers hunger. Gradually, these hormonal shifts make people eat more and gain weight for no other reason than they are sleep deprived. If you are struggling to fall asleep, it might be that your body is lacking melatonin, a hormone that helps induce sleep.

Lower Sex Drive. Anyone who has experienced fatigue will know that intimacy is the last thing on the mind when the body is tired. While a healthy sexual life might not be everyone’s priority, it is none the less an important part of a healthy lifestyle to be in touch with one’s libido.

Weakened Immune System. If you’re awake all night, the body cannot do its important regenerative work during sleep. The immune system gradually weakens and the body is exposed to all sorts of ailments and illnesses it could previously fend off.

Diminishing Motivation and Concentration. Perhaps the most common short-term symptom of sleep deprivation is a lack of motivation and concentration on even the most menial tasks. It becomes exhausting to think about cooking dinner, or impossible to imagine going for a regular evening walk. Diminishing motivation has consequences on your professional and physical health, and cannot be overcome with stimulants like coffee or energy drinks.

It’s no secret that sleep deprivation comes with many serious consequences, but with Sloan Natural Health Center, you’re in good hands and well on your way to a natural solution.

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